22nd Sep2018

New Music: Dean Blunt – Chancer ft. A$AP Rocky

The U.K.-based artist Dean Blunt is back with new music, releasing a new EP titled Soul On Fire. You might recognize him from TESTING, where he collaborated...

22nd Sep2018

(Video) A$AP Rocky Interview with Highsnobiety

We caught up with ASAP Rocky at the launch of his signature Under Armour SRLo sneaker at a “skate rave” in Harlem. Designed in partnership with legendary...

22nd Sep2018

New Music: A$AP Ant, K$upreme & Benji Blue – Invader Zim (Prod. by AR)

Ant, K$upreme and Benji Blue drop a quick one with “Invader Zim” produced by AR. Listen below.

22nd Sep2018

A$AP Rocky Talks To Esquire About The SRlo

A$AP Rocky doesn’t skate. He raves. That might sound a little surprising when you consider the fact that the rapper-slash-fashion-killer chose one of the most infamous skate...

22nd Sep2018

(Video) HIM$ – Obscur ft. A$AP Twelvyy

Marino Infantry’s Parisian affiliate HIM$ releases a new video for “Obscur” featuring A$AP Twelvyy. Check it out above.

19th Sep2018

New Music: A$AP Ant & YBS Skola – Cal Ripken

Baltimore’s own A$AP Ant and YBS Skola connect for “Cal Ripken.” Listen to the King Midas-produced track below.

15th Sep2018

A$AP Rocky Covers The Gentleman’s Journal September/October Issue

Rocky walks through the door, and the first thing he says kills any tension in the flash of cherubic smile. “I haven’t slept man, but I gotta...

15th Sep2018

A$AP Rocky Tells the Story Behind His New Under Armour Sneaker

If anyone not named Kanye West is responsible for the decade-long love affair between high fashion and hip-hop, it’s A$AP Rocky. The Harlem rapper was shouting out...

05th Sep2018

New Music: Smooky MarGielaa – Living Great

Smooky blesses his fans with a new track titled “Living Great.” Listen below.

03rd Sep2018

(Video) Benji Blue – Demon Scriptures (Prod. by AR)

Marino Infantry’s Benji Blue partners with ELEVATOR to drop his music video for “Demon Scriptures.” Watch the visual above. Produced by AR.

03rd Sep2018

New Music: A$AP Ant, A$AP Twelvyy, K$upreme, Da$H – Metal Slug

A$AP Ant, A$AP Twelvyy, K$upreme and Da$h gang up on “Metal Slug” with production from AR and Twelvyy. Listen below.

29th Aug2018

(Video) A$AP TyY – A Long Time

A$AP TyY drops his video for “A Long Time” off his latest mixtape. Watch the Naushervan Shad directed video above. Directed by: Naushervan Shad Produced by: Taylor...