30th Oct2011

Photos (Part 2): LiveLoveA$AP Listening Party

by @DomingoTutu

Take a look at what went down at Jungle City Studios for the LiveLoveA$AP listening event. Photos courtesy of Who Shot Ya? who has the full gallery HERE.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats A$AP Mob (Drip) I’ve had the entire album on repeat since day 1! Here is my xxl mag comment I put on the website in the review section. Clowns there gave it a XL, a XXL is my rating G shit. In this world I feel out of place everyday but this shit is the illest to drop this year.

    XXL comment

    A$AP is the illest shit to drop this year!!! Hear that intro?!? I live this shit everyday (Wash Heights)! Every track is poplin’ (Drip)! Some stand outs Houston Old Head, Acid Drip (Many nights in NY), Wassup, Get Lit (My favorite track), Peso (Everyday shit I watch this video every morning before I leave), Keep It G (I’m a G son everyday blasted, hey youngblood). Listen to this everyday Live Love A$AP. XXL should be the final verdict. A$AP crew much love and success this is the musical highlight of my life! Congrats on the $3,000,000.00 dill! (Drip)