25th Apr2012

(Video) A$AP Rocky x The Vintage Frames Company

by @Djordje

A Canadian tour is not complete without a trip to see The Vintage Frames Company. On the Eastern Canadian leg of their tour, A$AP Rocky and the crew got up with Corey Shapiro (Vintage Frames Company) in Montreal for a private Vintage Sunglasses viewing. What started off for Vintage Frames quickly turned into a vintage jewelry extravaganza. Check out some behind the scenes footage of A$AP Rocky and The Vintage Frames Company during their appointment, concert, and after gathering!

  • Samuelarellano18

    where can i get that north face coat….(A$AP!!!!)

  • Yourdad

    From your mom faggot

    • Samuelarellano18

      i know you aint talkn to me bro

  • kadeem


  • M Gucci90


  • AsapVixenMob

    lol i like the end of that video when the camera was rotating … that would be a dope but dizzy ass music video!