03rd May2012

(Video) A$AP Rocky – Goldie

by @Djordje

A$AP Rocky delivers the self-directed official video for “Goldie.” The Hit-Boy produced single is available now on iTunes. Pretty Flacko’s debut solo album LongLiveA$AP drops this July via Sony/RCA/Pologrounds/ASAP Worldwide.

  • Mremboxo

    Love This Video, Love You ^_^
    – Mremboxo

  • As always… One love… This is why Im constantly banging ASAP


    Is it possible to upload it somewhere else, cuz this video blocked for viewers from Germany..?

  • LeMonsieur

    Cheers to A$AP Rocky and the mob. New sh*t here, this is the future. This is direct and raw. A$AP (From Europe, Spain)

  • Guest

    you fuck wid A$AP MOB?
    peep this, then bookmark it,

  • i like the lighting and direction cool lil visuallll keep grindin

  • Cheers to A$AP Rocky and the mob. New sh*t here, this is the future. This is direct and raw. A$AP (From Europe, Poland)

  • Tootie101rach

    All you haters out there who are haten my A$AP Rocky Fuck you bitch ass niggas

  • Etta_paul

    I really fvck wxth the whole ASAP trill nighas 4real

  • AveryOFWGKTA

    A$AP is the shit I usualy liste to OFWGKTA but A$AP IS legit AF

    • ASVAP Layla

      Me too!

  • A$AP

    WHITE CUPS, this shit goes http://t.co/k1F2h14f

  • guest

    where can i get my hands on a asvp hat.

  • Perle.

    this made me sad. dont be like the rest of them Rocky.

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  • Rock got the rocks in pockets now he swole
    keep it real A$AP esp the Rock

  • A$APCeCe

    I can’t fucking wait. I Love this nigga.

  • Lowell

    sad and pathetic. Oh by the way, the word NIGGER is a racial slur against black people, not a word
    WE should call each other. By the way, pull up your goddamn pants. You’re just a Pied Piper leading young black males on the way to jail.

    • A$VPGee

      No one used the word Nigger. The word Nigga, by definition means an ignorant person. Doesn’t matter the race, Ignorance is blind to color. Get your facts straight before you try to kick knowledge.

      • ASVP Layla

        Lowell, Whatever you say is irrelevant because at the end of the day whos famous and is still doing their thing? Asap Rocky. So stop hating, get a life and Get over it && Long.Live.Asap

  • Jamelle27


  • asap k

    My favorite vid asap do yo thing son im holdin it down

  • Guest

    My song

  • D-Money

    A$AP Rocky Is The Shit,Can’t Wait Til His Album Drops

  • chase


  • jox

    gangsta shit,/ sweden.