05th Jun2012

New Music: Usher – Hot Thing ft. A$AP Rocky (Prod. by The Neptunes)

by @Djordje

Here is the much anticipated collaboration between Usher and A$AP Rocky called “Hot Thing.” The Neptunes produced track is found exclusively on the deluxe edition of Usher’s album Looking 4 Myself, dropping June 12th.

  • GoFuxkYourself

    Usher’s voice just aggravates me .

  • Asdasdasd

    too soft. i dont like rocky become a pop rapper. i want feats with kendrick lamar schoolboy etc with dope beats like spaceghostpurp and claim casino beats. i dont want feats with usher. but i am not paying rocky bills so he knows whats better for him

  • James brian


  • Thisisgarbage

    wow rocky, come on man.

  • Thisisgarbage

    wow rocky, come on man.

  • Crack

    wtf if some of you asap guys read this tell my man dont do theese corny features i know he wants to get paid but he just end up as the rest off these dudes stay true to your self my man

  • this shit is GOOD. He is STILL rapping. usher is annoying though lol

  • Cipher_c

    i only support asap when they put out shit i feel, i dont feel this, so i dont support this
    only way to keep asap true to themselves, if enough people do that….

  • Guest

    Haters gon hate! Rocky do your thing

  • Asdaasassd

    Guest we are not haters. people here love his music. i dont hate even usher. why i should hate people who ara making money honestly .

  • Dafuq

    Rockys verse i fucks with. Rest is meh.

  • song is horrible! lucky its got ROCKY on it!

  • Hansi12

    wow, that sucks. Stay fucking underground Rocky!

  • Rocky killed it.

  • Jakessingley

    why are all of ya’ll acting like hipster bitches? the nigga is goin mainstream and colabin with the biggest name in R&B and ya’ll are callin him soft? last time i check Rocky just made more money on this feature than you guys will make all year. don’t put him down for gettin big if usher came to one of ya’ll sayin i want you to hop on my track you guys are tellin me you would say no? props to Rocky for holdin it down underground and in the mainstream. dude made it.

  • MykeyLoA2Z

    the nigga need a song he could play on the radio tho so i respect it you feel me, it’s just gonna get more buzz for his harder songs.

  • Guests

    That song was shit. Asap was still rapping which was fine but seriously the rest of the song is just usher saying “Hot thing” over and over again, how you gonna pull that?