26th Jun2012

(Video) A$AP Rocky: A$VP for Channel 4 Teaser

by @Djordje

A$AP ROCKY: A$VP for Channel4 is the name of A$AP Rocky’s new short doc directed by Luke + Barber. The 15-minute film, which will air in the UK and on ANIMAL in August, thrusts viewers into the trill and hazy world of Rocky and the rest of the A$AP crew. Jam-packed with weed, concert footage and gratuitous slow-mo, this little teaser will leave you feeling somewhat dizzy and might inspire a visit to Harlem.

  • Wintality

    Nobody fuckin with Preety Flacko.
    Doin his shit for real.

    Check me out Youtube.com/JaylenisOnline
    13 years old, best kid my age by far
    If u got the time, roll by and see for yourself 🙂

    (Asap mob Represent)


    lookin really dope, lookin forward to catchin the rest

  • Can’t wait.

  • Kezza21

    I would like to see the asap channel 4 teaser.

  • password? 🙁

  • Hey If you fucks with the A$AP MOB as much as I do Come check out my remix to “BRAND NEW GUY” you wont be disappointed!