26th Jun2012

(Video) A$AP Rocky Interview with Power 99

by @Djordje

A$AP Rocky came thru to Philly’s Power 99 to promote his upcoming, highly anticipated, debut album LongLiveA$AP. In this sit down, Mina SayWhat and Rocky chop it up about everything from his new album and women he likes to his appearance on Drake’s tour, his own fashion line and wanting to ride bikes with Philly’s own Meek Mill. A$AP Rocky even gives @MinaSayWhat the EXCLUSIVE on when the album is dropping.

Via Power 99.

  • Kymese Newman

    This guy is so down to earth…just sexy.

  • Kennykallday

    Yo! It’s fuckin September 11th now? What the fuck happened to early July? That’s fucked up Rocky… I’ve been excited for months for that shit. Rocky fucked me up now I godda wait 3 more fuckin months. I’m pissed.


      you could see it happenin nigga, there wasnt word of when the albums droppin since last december or some shit, but fuck it tho, liveloveasap n deep purple still gettin played, let em take they time n really put out their best, ASAP!

    • Give him a break, he gave plenty of free shit. He wants this to be perfect

  • trill

    I love the same type women . the girls with the bandannas be the finest ones doe .