13th Aug2012

(Video) A$AP Rocky – Purple Kisses

by @Djordje

A$AP Rocky delivers visuals for his brand new song “Purple Kisses” produced by VERY RVRE, off the upcoming A$AP Mob album Lord$ Never Worry. Directed by Rocky and Luke Barber. Check out the first single “Bath Salt” featuring the Flatbush Zombies and get ready for the full project to drop on August 28th via LiveMixtapes.com.

  • not bad

  • Frankie N.Films

    A$AP Trill shit bruh
    mobbin on this niggaz bruh
    holla instagram: FrankieNfilms

  • everything these fools go in on is gold. A$APMOB!

  • Sitting sideways freestyle? C’mon Rocky Smh

    • Charlissag

      I was Just about to say that lol! I recognized it right of the bat. Needless to say, still love Rocky’s flow/

    • AsapLarry

      Hope you know what a freestyle is. And that you can freestyle odf the dome PR you can use lyrics that you wrote.

      • Well AsapLarry he def. said “off the top” So what are you saying forreal?

  • sasha

    private? why?

  • VickiCristinaBarcelona

    ugh just got so amped to watch this…

  • Lil B

    this is so mutch better tnan the song with usher. serious this is dope

  • Cant wait For The Mob Mixtape on 8/28 and Asap Rocky Album On 9/11

  • Bosnia & Hercegovina

    rocky best at what he do ! stay tune his album will be game changer ;))

  • TheOnlyFlacko

    it doesnt matter what the instumental is, when A$AP Rocky goes in he fucking kills it, every time!

  • florida nigga

    yall bitches got ta git off dis nigga dick he fake bruh he aint he left all the niggas dat helped him out in da dust like a bitch his nigga knocka was his homeboy since he was younger and he just left da nigga when he got his taste of money he a bitch ass nigga dat be stealin niggas swag and shit i mean like how da fuck u gon say trill when u from da north and dat shit from da south sayin u influenced by houston u can hear it in my music nigga be influenced by new york nigga dats where u from rep what u rep fool watch and lean asap fans he gon be just like wiz real underground mixtapes come up to mainstream and transform into all those sorry ass rappers in mainstream dat all talk about the same things pussy, drugs, and money just wait and watch besides he already made a song called pussy money weed it has already begone

    • Fuck You

      but you wrote all this for what. See i hate people like you, how you don’t like an artist but you here listening to his music. If you don’t like him why do you even care about what he’s doing.

      • florida nigga

        and i hate people like you how da fuck im a suppose to judge him if i never even listened damn people always say dat shit its like what they say you never judge a book by its cover shut the fuck up and be smart dumb ass nigga!

    • a nigga

      lmao only florida niggas got problems , respect nigga

  • Quit hatin! This hits so hard! smooth jVm by flocko

  • michezulu

    The video is bad. I listen to this without the visuals. Stay consistent.

  • asap k

    I love this song

  • ali

    i was the the 421st view,,,,fml

  • what type of shoe asap has on 1:24


    Fuck that, I fall every day from lovin it. LiveLoveA$AP