05th Dec2012

A$AP Rocky x New York Times

by @Djordje

“The Harlem native A$AP Rocky has been a fashionworld favorite since playing some of his very first shows.” Check Rocky’s fashion highlight in the NY Times here.

  • TeamVieze

    Where can you buy a comme des fuck down beanie

  • gabrielle goss

    i looooove this one. visit ma tumblr! gabriellegossshit.tumblr.com 😉 LOVE YOU ROCKY&MOB

    • Bars-B

      no he’s not

      • gabrielle goss

        uhhh who is BarsB and why are you commenting on everyones shit.

  • Bars-B

    Yu Look Nice Baby <3 Keep Up The Good Work

    • gabrielle goss


  • nmoyer

    SSUR for the comme des shit homie.

  • chantel

    I LOVE that sweater its hot af and you look good af in it 😉