26th Dec2012

(Video) A$AP Ant Interview with KOG Worldwide

by @Djordje

During their visit to the states, KOG Worldwide caught up with A$AP Ant to talk Marino Gang, what he does and doesn’t like about girls and Hypebeasts, and most importantly, whats the main difference between an average b*tch and a bad b*tch. Watch part 1 above and then part 2 and the fire questions session below.

  • Vanessa

    I have a question: what’s A$AP Rocky heritage? I think I read somewhere his late dad (RIP, my deepest condolences goes out to you Rocky) was from Barbados but what about his mother? Is it true she’s from Somalia? Some people were saying his dad was Somali, I don’t know where they got it from. Like I said, there are many speculations on the net and I would like to know ’cause Rocky has a very unique look.

    Can someone from A$AP crew or A$AP himself reply to my message, please?

    • livinlikeag

      Yes your right his father was from Barbados rip. his mom is a Somali American raised in Harlem I believe. My friend met ASAP rocky backstage and asked him if he was actually half Somali. He was surprised and said “yea how’d u know that I never told nobody and shit”. he wasn’t pissed or anything. I met him too. He’s a calm chilled nigga. In my opinion he looks Somali. Even the first time I saw him he looked Somali for sure.

  • Malik

    Im pretty Addie fucked her.

  • A’Marie

    Addie cool as shit..lol