23rd Jan2013

A$AP Rocky Interview with The Village Voice

by @DomingoTutu

ASAP Rocky Village Voice

A$AP Rocky is tired.

In the back of a black van rolling down Houston Street, the 24-year-old Harlem rapper answers questions about his childhood, worldview, and art through tired, sagging eyes. He gives his head a violent shake to prevent himself from dozing off mid-sentence. After a moment, he pauses, re-focuses, and speaks: “Lemme ask you somethin’.”


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  • Ashley Ammons

    hI A$AP i know you hear this alot but i just want you to know you do give use your 100 percent i love your music i love listing to it its like i can feel your pain and its incrediable i love it i cant stop listing to it you keep doing what your doing and i will keep listing.. hopefully i can perform right next to you <3

  • DumB

    Come to 253 44th and pick me up,we have work to do,its not ready yet$