04th Mar2013

(Video) A$AP Rocky Debuts At #8 On MTV’s Hottest MCs

by @DomingoTutu

From the Rick Owens leathers to the Balenciaga finery, there’s no denying A$AP Rocky is a certified fashion killa (you can check his influence in other rapper’s closets). But the Harlem upstart spits more than designer labels from that gold-plated mouth. He followed his lean-drenched mixtape, Live.Love.A$AP, with a chart-topping debut that shows off his versatility and a penchant for crossing state lines when it comes to flow.

And while that helped Rocky to earn the title of #8 Hottest MC in the Game, Pretty Flacko’s buzz and his grasp on the intangibles also put him in contention for our list. RapFix Blog Editor Nadeksa Alexis laughed, “I don’t even know if we’re still using the word ‘swag,’ but that’s all him, and everyone sees that.”

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  • The realists

    The show should be called hottest “Rappers” in the game. These artists featured on the list is not near the scale of great lyricism, this is clearly only measured by popularity and success instead of bars and rhyming. My example: take Joey Bada$$, not featured but could single handled out rhyme any rappers on the list, just like many other rappers could with less success than these artists. I’m a huge fan of A$AP Rocky, but again, when they mention him, they’re not talking about his choice of words, his vocabulary or his amazingly combined sentences – they’re talking about his “fashion”, his “collaborations”.

  • videojesus

    wild for the night videoremix!!!