08th Apr2013

New Music: Kid Cudi – Brothers ft. A$AP Rocky & King Chip

by @Djordje


Cudder recruits A$AP Rocky and King Chip for his latest single “Brothers.” Indicud hits stores April 23rd. Pre-order on iTunes now.

  • kuqe

    good shit

  • asvpbvnks

    great nugga song

  • A.Z

    King Chip is whack

    • MadFlavor

      aYO fuck yo opinion! CHIP THA RIPPPPER!!!!!!

    • Johnny Bravo


    • Chew!

      king Chip got off bruh,

      “if yaw fell out over some chips that aint ya real nigga,
      if yaw fell out over a chick that aint ya real nigga.”

    • kid cudi

      I respect your opinion………………..but come on lol

  • Peake29

    I liked his verse and all….but Chip just rhymed “nigga” like 20 times in a row

    • Youdumbfuck

      You’re fucking retarded, he is also rhyming the word before nigga you deaf muthafucka

      • Chew!

        if u hate hit the brake with both feet

      • you too don’t be retarded, hes also rhyming the word with the third letter too ahaa j/p chip is good tho

  • i dare you to rhyme niggas w/ niggas

  • yaaaaaa

  • videojesus

    watch the videoremix:

  • idk… this song just doesnt sound like cudi, maybe its just me. Still pumped the fuck up for april 23rd tho!

    • keep It Real

      it sounds like he was forced to do this

    • jacob jackson


  • drew

    You guys are judging him for rhyming nigga with nigga. Read in between the lines, nigga isnt what hes concentrating on rapping, its the words precluding nigga. Not a normal rhyme scheme, but it still has some creative license and isnt just “rhyming nigga with nigga”

    • nathan

      preceding* not precluding

  • definitely a jam

  • this is too dope

  • album already leaked

  • jack

    how does cudi just make the best albums minus solo dolo… total let down ha

  • Axe

    Homies over hoes!

  • neeek

    king chip n cudder aint nothing better

  • It had to be literally difficult to rhyme niggas that many times.

  • TooCold

    Everyone rhymes nigga with nigga all the time. And yeah its the word before nigga…. Wiz “Diamonds all in my chain nigga..” A$AP Rocky “Cause I’m that nigga-that nigga- nigga-nigga” must I go on I could for days. Wayne “toast that nigga, light em up (sumtin sumtin) roast that nigga.”

  • yoopersteezzz…

    Love the song! but i hate the first verse…..

  • looks like my nigga cudi is back to his old tricks! you never let me down man!

  • Damn nothing satisfies you guys, you always have to say some shit about something! Kid Cudi is amazing, always has and always will be. That’s my nigga!

  • Yaya

    Damn don’t think I ever heard the n-word so many times in a song.

  • keep It Real

    i love asap and kid cidi, but i gotta say this songs absolute shit. (n)

  • shit goes hard …..kid cudi by himself puts out more fire than all of ymcmb washed upp rappers

  • paddy ireland

    this reminds me too much of method man – biscuits

  • jacob jackson

    One day you niggas will respect versatility
    Kid Cudi music can never be replicated so how does this not sound like Cudi

  • ScrewJuice04

    Yall didnt notice how Rocky changed his flow 3 times in his song… Thats talent

  • A$AP!!!!!!!!!!

  • This song is great and is better than all of the shit that gets play on the radio. Cudi and ASAP are both making moves while you all hate

  • straight. I need a$ap rocky and ferg to drop some more new shit tho. Im tired of listening to other rappers or old traccs.

  • juan prado

    real talk no one is ever! satisfied i always have this talk with my friends about this they always talk about wiz and cudi asap tht its wack tht its not good they change i want the old them well nigga there not going to make songs for everyone! its so weird how with one mixtape they make everyone likes it after tht any other mixtape they make its like its not him hes changing man chill and listen to the song there not always going to be in the same stage

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