25th Sep2013

(Video) A$AP Rocky – Fashion Killa

by @Djordje

GQ comes thru with the exclusive music video to A$AP Rocky’s “Fashion Killa,” featuring Rihanna. Peep the video above. Long.Live.A$AP in stores now.

  • a god

    lmao this du is such a fuck boy
    str8 bilboard status wearing all one brand with names everywhere
    u aint killin fashion no more sorry to break it to you
    go back to your old style

    • a$apAnonymous

      if u listen to the song he says she a fashion killa not himself fuckin retard

    • ScrewJuice04

      My nigga it sound like u still wear long 2x tall tees and fucked up jordans..




    First of all ASAP rocky was always known for wearing high end fashion brands as well as urban brands so he’s not doing anything weird to him or different. second the song is about what he would want his gf to rock. she’s a fashion killa. did you hear the chorus? guess no so dip

  • Dutchie

    This song fuckin trippy tho an end of the video got me laughin

  • RAq a.k.a. R€€Z¥


  • Rick Supreme

    woop woop…. the message is so deep. Uploaded by GQ and taggin a boutique in the end…

  • Y.kaya

    It’s like riri is his older sister who teaches him how to dress up and what to read