10th Jan2014

A$AP Mob Interview with hustleGRL

by @Djordje


Since releasing their latest project Lords Never Worry, A$AP Mob has proven that if boy bands did not stand the test of time, a Mob will. From the looks of it, they have the right formula. The group is made up of many talented individuals from designers to rappers to producers and managers. Each member plays a vital role. When asked what might get a member kicked out of the group, each member proceeded to shout “doing too much!” Apparently, they will not hesitate to hand out a DTM Award.

This time last year they recalled being fresh off tour. A$AP Ferg gratefully added “It is a blessing to be currently touring.” For many artists, touring is where majority of their income comes from. Although less than half of the mob was present, their energy levels made up for the missing parties.

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09th Jan2014

(Video) A$AP Ferg Interview with KC Chopz

by @Djordje

While in Miami, Ferg sat down with Kc Chopz of 1st Class Films and talked talked about the mob album and crazy tour stories.

Part 2 to Ferg’s interview with Kc Chopz while in Miami, on the Turnt x Burnt Tour. A$AP Ferg speaks on the Trinidad James x NYC Rapper controversy.

Ferg talks TDE, Flatbush Zombies and the upcoming generation of rappers. Whose up next from the mob. Twelvy and Nast’s rapping styles and more.

09th Jan2014

(Video) Behind The Scenes of A$AP Rocky’s Teen Vogue Shoot

by @Djordje

Watch a bonus interview with the rapper and fashion aficionado.

Via Teen Vogue.

08th Jan2014

(Video) A$AP Mob Interview with ANDPOP

by @Djordje

As ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos would soon learn, travelling light isn’t an option for the A$AP Mob.

Founded in Harlem, the hip hop collective boasts a long list of talent that include music producers and rappers, most notably rapper A$AP Rocky. Together they’ve cultivated a lifestyle that celebrates hip hop, high fashion and art in a uniquely New York sense.

Simon caught up with a couple of members of the A$AP Mob to try and get a glimpse of what the A$AP Life is like. In a Toronto boutique crowded by fans of the collective, he goes through their Instagram feeds and gives A$AP Ferg, A$AP Ant, A$AP Twelvy and A$AP Illz the #NoFilter treatment. They tell our host what it’s like to get inducted into the mob, reminisce over a memorable souvenir and what being a trap lord is all about.


24th Dec2013

(Video) A$AP Mob Talks Christmas in the 90s

by @Djordje

How did A$AP Ferg and A$AP Nast turn up on Christmas morning in their childhood? What was Ferg’s favorite gifts and which gifts pissed Nast off?

Via BusterRadio.

21st Dec2013

(Video) A$AP Ferg on Buster Radio

by @Djordje

Fergenstein chopped it up with Buster Radio about superpowers, bringing camels into Harlem and the very legendary appearances in the “Shabba” remix. Click here to download the “Shabba Remix.”

16th Dec2013

(Video) A$AP Ferg’s Tips for Short People

by @Djordje

Inspired by his hit song, ‘Shabba,’ A$AP Ferg sits down with TheBoombox.com editor Georgette Cline to share his tips for short people.

Via TheBoomBox.

16th Dec2013

(Video) A$AP Ferg Interview with Montreality

by @Djordje

In this Interview with Montreality, A$AP Ferg speaks about:

– His ultimate fetish (0:19)
– The type of student he was at school (0:54)
– Jobs he had as a teenager growing up (1:27)
– His 1st big paycheck (1:53)
– Whether or not he enjoys reading (2:15)
– What he would call his book, if he were to write one (2:32)
– What he was in a previous lifetime (2:43)
– His favorite cartoon character (2:56)
– His favorite videogame (3:19)
– The realest shxt he ever wrote (3:31)
– A$AP Mob “L.O.R.D.” EP (4:02)
– PHARRELL being the A$AP Mob’s godfather (4:29)
– DRAKE being his 1st industry co-sign (4:57)
– The way the media portrays DMX (5:45)
– RIHANNA being a “Regular Chick” (6:40)
– Near-death experiences (6:59)
– His message to the youth (8:52)


10th Dec2013

(Video) Uncut Dope featuring A$AP Ferg

by @Djordje

Dope Entertainment presents Uncut Dope – a new series documenting the concerts that Dope Entertainment puts on in Florida, as well as interviews and backstage access with the artists. In this second episode starring A$AP Ferg, we catch up with the Trap Lord to discuss his inspirations, his goals, and more, as well as give you a glimpse of what it’s like to experience an A$AP Mob concert. Directed by JMAC for Dope Entertainment.

Via DopeEnt.

08th Dec2013

(Video) Getting Personal with A$AP Ferg

by @Djordje

Getting Personal with A$AP Ferg about his reserves with EDM Trap, A$AP Rocky buying him a pair of sneakers, his favorite scene in “PAID IN FULL,” & more!

Via Four One Ent.

08th Dec2013

(Video) A$AP Ferg Interview with MightyMuzik

by @Djordje

During A$AP Ferg’s TURNT x BURNT tour stop in New Orleans at the Republic he took a few minutes to rap with us on multiple topics. Being under the weather did not stop A$AP from turning up for the jam packed New Orleans crowd and a great event by Winter Circle Productions.

Via MightyMuzik Magazine.

08th Dec2013

(Video) 4 Wheelin’ with A$AP TyY

by @Djordje

While most people navigate the concrete jungle known as New York via foot, car, or taxi, some choose a much more exciting means, dirtbikes. While riding any dirtbike or atv is illegal in NYC, it hasn’t stopped thousands of bikers from riding the streets as if they weren’t. At the forefront of what seems to be one of NYC’s biggest nuisances is a kid by the name of A$AP TyY who’s a part of the infamous ASAP conglomerate that’s taking over everything from music to fashion and now bikes. Watch as Vice editor Angelina Fanous gets to witness firsthand how TyY and a few other riders navigate the city on a daily basis.

Via KicksTV.