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    • luscioous_trill

      Why would you put ASAP and YOLO in the same name /:
      That’s a shame…

      • ASAP FILIP


        • ASVP Layla

          Lmfaoo! Right,

  • GianniSeymone

    I am in love with you , your , music and Talent.. Find me and Follow me on Twitter @GianniSeymone … I cant wait to see you here in Columbus Oh on the 18th

    • Ktbmeister

      I was there!! Badass

  • ASAP_Cob

    Always $trive And Prosper
    @ASAP_Cob follow me or swallow me

  • Lia BoGotti

    I swear I love me some A$AP . He’s just different and he has the southern flow and swag.

    • Kendrickchristopher

      yeah its like a chopped and Screwed style But with that Pretty mother Fucker Swagg

      • PLn

        No $hit

    • David asap chambers

      i love me some rocky

  • Pitados

    spit dat real shit a$ap mia yayo seek

  • Ktbmeister

    Always Strive and Prosper ♥♥♥

  • 4Dove4

    asap in atx 2night lets keep it G….

  • Von615

    @VON_NP follow me

  • Idealspazz

  • Ikeyru Ezigbo

    It’s datt pretty flakaa…weather here is nice. Bout to take a flight. K5 K5 K5. I love your swagg. Hopped out the whip, lunch in the Bronx, I’m really from Miami. MicciDeez.

    • Little♛A$∆P

      It’s flocko, lol !

      • pretty bitch mob

        dick rider

      • ASVP Layla

        Lmfao !!

  • Motherfucker from Slovakia

    I’ve got a lot of respect for you ASAP and especially for ASAP Rocky and Ty Beats but I really fuck with ya all.
    And I don’t know what more to say, though. Keep it real, keep it g and keep on fucking the game in her ass.

  • Little♛A$∆P

    I don’t even need the lyrics, this stuck in my head forreal tho! Especially “Kissin Pink” my shit ^_^

    • A$AP bluedream

      Acid drip ma shittt

    • David asap chambers

      far real

  • santy

    your music is so fucking smooth, so much respect
    for you guys – show all these motherfuckers up Rocky – you’ll be runnin It all.

    can’t wait to see you in Montreal


    You ma nigga ASAP

  • CoDeindrinker

    Would like to see rocky make a remix to freeway what we do

  • Destiny <3

    i loveee youuu Rakim . i swear one day imma marry youuuuuuuu <3 <3 <3

  • Jordanchaytor

    i cant wait to the asap rocky and the mob album come out real talk.

  • Acheramubengaie

    I LOVE YOU A$AP ROCKY #1 Faaan <333

  • Stefanie


  • VsvpxrockyOverEverything


  • Lastarhopkins


  • Michaelrobles805

    TRILL <3

  • asapLove.

    asap rocky, asap ant , asaptwelvy, asap mob ilove all of youuuuuuu! @dianaderschon!

  • A$AP Rilla

    we gotta colab my ninjas i got beats all kinds!! get at me a$ap!

  • Melvin Cortes
  • luscioous_trill

    put up lords never worry mixtape lyrics!!

  • Giancarlo Garrido

    Yo listen to A$AP Slim K slowdowns on youtube and you’ll like A$AP a lot more than you think.

  • A$VP RadeAmaC

    Keep it trill nigga keep the shit up A$VP RadeAmaC out

  • A$AP Kirey


  • A$AP Kirey


  • RecklessIdgaf

    I LOVE all the niggas in ASAP , I respect them & there music! Best believe you have a TRUE FAN RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tatiana

    Asap go Brasil! ahah <3

  • emily

    damn, a$ap rocky is on some trill ass fucking shit. too damn live!

  • A$AP bluedream

    All u a$ap fans add mee on fb asap bluedream garcia

  • A$AP bluedream

    That lord mu$ic

  • lady A$AP

    am lady A$AP <3 ( YA NUMBER ONE CHICA 😉

  • 20/20_newRapper

    Yo swear ASAP ROCKY is that dude my favorite artist but I need advise on how to get myself discovered cuz’ I rap and sing and alot of people have been telling me that I’m really good help a dude out cuz’ this is my dream

  • lbcadrian97

    everything by A$AP is fukin classic

  • l a t r e n d a

    I LoVE you RaKiM !!!

  • l a t r e n d a

    Maturity, Looks, Swag, sense if humor I swear you have everything

  • Haley Habib Smith

    Your CONNECT button doesn’t work :(

  • chantel


  • doubleg’s

    ASAP LIFE!!!! Asap Rocky taken the spotlight. Keep up the work.

  • doubleg’s

    ASAP Rocky= Best Rapper Alive. ASVP!!!

  • Krunk

    The Fergenstein is up next! After that i hope its Nast! Also come on Ant why you got to quit the music! Keep it going we love you

  • Ana Celia Gomes


  • badazz:-)

    asap, where we at
    countin stacks after stacks call em racks
    yeah i’m crazy call me wack
    n*kkaz watchin my back
    and i’m here to school you n*kkaz
    how to get some figgaz
    that trigga, gets pulled when n*kkaz get richer
    and i’m with ya…down to earth
    rockin this sh*t since my birth
    nah b*tch i dont jerk
    nah b*tch i dont twerk
    same old 2 step, thats how i work
    and i work, like my n*kka ferg
    and i rock like my n*kka rocky, yeah we cocky, somebody stop me
    pleaaaaase stop me!!! if you can
    cause i’m tha man, takin sh*t over in the fam
    yes i ran, with n*kkaz thats runnin with gunz in they hands
    real gunz in they hands, no fake imatators, strictly playaz makin grands

    CHECK OUT MISTER D – Play the Game…comin out sooon!!!

    • A$AP NY

      u nice ass shit doe



  • Darron Monroe
  • Y.N.C

    Yo my nigz keep do-in ya things, aim beyond the stars theres no limit!!!!

  • badazz:-)

    let me drop this one on ya’ll

    so many talk of the devil and evil minds

    they say it’s the end of the times

    people only focused on they hustle and on they grind

    people only focused on 24 7 shine

    people carryin glocks, unzi’s and tech nines

    shit aint fine

    shit is fucked up

    fill up my cup

    now i’m so drunk, gotta take a leak

    yeah pissydrunk smokin pinky skunk

    mo shots to drink up , hick-up

    pick that bitch up in the black pick up

    we aint sippin on purple si -rup

    no liquor, that way my thoughts clearer…nikka!!!

    ya’ll some evil motherfuckers, that’ll always stay in darkness

    even though i give you advice, you ignore me, you heartless

    now you flossin sh*t, tossin a bitch, gettin yo grip

    purrple sip, gettin it, luxury expensive sh*t…
    but never forget,
    in the end… yo ass belongs to….. 6 6 6

    FUCK ILLUMINATI, FUCK THE MASONS, FUCK ALL yA4ll evil mothafuckers….

    • A$AP NY


  • nyaire

    a$ap 4 life

  • nyaire

    A$AP MOB

  • badazz:-)

    ayo this that g shit you know

    we keeps it g

    just like a s a p

    here we go…

    nikkaz still talkin bout that hustle and grind

    nikkaz sellin they souls for that shine

    other nikkaz look and go out they mind

    askin god why o why

    why he fly, i got nines

    i commit crimes, i’m the talk of his rhymes

    jealousy rise, homocide

    bumpin asap in my ride

    traplord bitch by my side

    she me make my dick slip n slide

    made a line, on my dick, she sniffed it up, she feelin fine

    goin out her mind, she feelin right

    she gettin high, gettin fly, so spaced out, outta sight

    yeah thats right i made her blind….

    illuminati eye ,fuck that shit!!!

    i put in work pimpin bitch!!

    hit the strip,load up clips, make nikkaz my bitch

    fuck bein rich, i came from shit i’mma die in shit

    suck a dick,i keeps it pimp , i be walkin simp, that mean no limp

    bad bitch, lipstick,red lips, facelift, fake tits,beverly hills

    yeah i chills, i keeps it trill, i keeps it real, gold grills

    yeah bitch, how you feel

    nikkaz so grimey, they want me killed

    but i dont give fuck, i’m still gettin bucks, dont believe in luck

    i puts in work,duck em when he squirt, that semi berserk

    i dont get hurt, now he hurt,when i put em in the dirt

    bitches no flirt, when i make em squirt
    shout to ferg!!!!!
    I PUTS IN WORK!!!!!!

    PUT IN WORK!!!!

    PUT IN WORK!!!!!

    Rap this shit over Asap Ferg’s Work!!!!
    You be sayin like DAMN, either i’m high as fuck
    or i just killed Asap Ferg and took his place
    thats that raw shit!!!

  • badazz:-)

    nikkaz be dyin in the streets, ( they dont even know it )

    mommas with no jobs ( they dont even know it )

    kids be gettin sick( they dont even know it )

    prisons overpopulated ( they dont even know it )

    governement is hated ( they dont even know it )

    nikkaz all faded ( they dont even know it )

    we really came up from bottem( they dont even know it )

    2pac who shottem ( they dont even know it )

    yeah this rapgame sure done changed

    flows sure sounds strange

    fucks up yo brain

    1 diss they slain

    thats all i need…1 diss..yeah bitch you slain

    dont even need ni blad

    this 4 them lil waynes,

    rick ross rick james

    talkin bout gettin paid
    ballin every other day
    i’m tired of that shit mayne

    nikkaz ballin and they just went in

    nikkaz got pools full of liqour just to swim in

    skinny jeans cant even fit in

    cup of lean that what they be drinkin

    let this shit just sinkin

    pimpin with no limpin

    bitches be feelin

    nikkaz be hatin

    cause they masturbatin

    and prayin to satan

    that i fall, stop to ball

    hit the pavement, off the wall

    nikkaz crawl, i bring it raw

    fuck peace i got a piece that means war

    so fuck y(all all ya’ll

    i lay the law, new sherrif in town,

    dont need a crown, cause i bring it down

    and i dont bow down, no dog, no bow wow

    g style, with a faul smile and 45 with six rounds

    nikkaz be talkin bout outerspace, and aliens

    bad bitch with 6 friends, spendin, countless endz

    500 thousand benz, they livin and rushin

    lustin, and ballin and spendin

    what the fuck this ENDIN

    tired of this fakin bullshit you hear on that radio

    Blast Pac on my stereo,Thug life here we go

    i’m really packin fofo’s just to get through

    i laylow, i dont rambo,aint got a lambo
    slow dough ridin a volvo
    and eyes low from that hydro
    that pyro, tha burn slow
    bitch on her knees tough
    thats my ho

    • Otfbitchhh

      Rollie on my wrist

  • ClaudiaMoll

    Cant believe i’m seeing A$AP Rocky in person!!!! i might fait! love you <3

  • badazz:-)

    yeah i just heard some shit from Black Hippy TDE yo them nikkaz crazier then a motherfucker…puttin a whole new meanin to rap ya heard!!!

    next level shit

    but euhm… here i go

    yeah i be that nikka on the mic, strapped with vocals that ‘ll take yo life

    i’ll take yo sight, i’ll make you blind, you been touched, goin out ya mind

    is that time, i bring that shit, reload clips, and hit every nikka and bitch on the strip

    crazy nikka you can call me sick,i’ll rip through ya fuckin shit, like i rip through a pussy bitch, call that nikka wit, with a side of this, apacolypse, aint no stoppin it, it ‘s unfortunate, bring the coffin bitch,

    i’m mass murderer, that ‘ll hurt ya, yeah i’ll merk ya, and yeah i’m further and i’m gooing further

    then every nikka in this rapgame, my raps be like cocaine, they insane, now take a shot, take a hit, and loose your brain, loose yo soul, to the fame

    nikkaz maintain, but my mindframe… is ballin

    alcohol be callin, nikkaz like i’m all in, swimmin pool full of liqour, you can bet ya ass i’m divin, number 1 mc i’m strivin, hustlin n survivin

    , same tale, same day, different shit, press play

    i’mma tell a tale, about a nikka that prevailed

    nikkaz tryin do the same, but that ship has long sailed

    newsflash ya’ll failed, but this nikka dont just came

    he came up from nuthin, turn that into somethin

    a 40 cal now he dumpin, yeah that nikka bustin

    and when he bust in, that door

    nikkaz be like o, he got that fofo

    somebody call popo

    this nikka aint no joke

    he be runnin with them locs

    i heard one of his quotes

    he said, this rapgame will choke

    cause he got it in a chokehold

    nikkaz on my facebook tryin to poke me

    takin jabs at me, takin shots at me

    i dont give a fuck while you be typin that shit

    i’m at the blockparty

    with my nikkaz actin narly

    smokin that marley, bob, shit is hard,

    so fuck ya’ll , yeah all y’all

    blow up like molotov,

    nikka tryin act up and i’mma bogard!!!!

    FLATLINE!!! hehehe

    cool fly ass shit you know

    recognize this shit

    ayo any of you nikkaz that wanna bite this shit…i aint hatin

    i dont rap mayne

    the shit these rappers be talkin bout, i be livin it

    stupid fucks

    BADAZZ wassup you know heheh…


  • A$AP BIG John

    A$AP mob or die

  • elena

    i love A$ap Mob <3

  • Jennifer qeentana

    i love asap ;**** <3333

  • A$AP Styx

    keep it trilla

  • Lil G

    A$AP Ferg & A$AP Rocky is my favorite rappers, my niggas comin’ around and just rappin, ye that’s how ASAPS do


    Respect from white devil.

  • Steph Larcombe

    I love you :)

  • Asap PR

    Been A Fan Of The A$AP Mob Before They Got Big Ima Ride Or Die Fan A$AP!!!!!

  • badazz:-)


    2013 , same day as yesterday, same hustle,same struggle
    same bitch that let my nuts juggle, the same bottle with the same bubbles
    the same nikka still lookin for trouble…get my cash,stackin stacks, call em racks, on the double,
    get my paper, blow up later, fame is bitch that learns to hate ya, industry cats only out to fade ya, this game too cold, it’ll make or break ya,
    watch out for them fakers, bitchnikkaz thats haters,that be hatin on ya capers,
    i leave that ballin to them lakers, i leave that robbin to them raiders,
    i leave you ho’s so see you laters, i aint with all that complainin n prayin, that u cant afford to pay your payments, im just sayin, get off your ass, join the made men,
    suits armani, shoes, cavani, cars ferrari, i wanna leave the hood but i aint sayin sorry,
    going somewhere where nobody ‘ll find me, fuck the fame, i aint illuminati
    im killuminati, bullets through your body, the shots bacardi,
    i fucked up the party, fill up my cup and im gettin drunk, and now i’m fucked up, start to hick up, on my way to my pick-up, blast the stereo g funk and i’m smokin on that good skunk, bad bitch that i picked up, to get my dick sucked,after i bust my nut, i’m like get the fuck, out of my truck, the ho ran outta of luck, cause now she stuck, and cant get home and thats fucked up!!!


  • badazz:-)


    got some kush in the cigarillo, lambo thats painted yellow, bitches be like hello,
    callin me on my cello, cause i’mma cool fellow, swag be so mellow
    one taste you cant let go, mr d on his loco, nikkaz all be like oh no!!
    mr d got that bad flow, nikkaz betta fuckin laylow, my time to shine, dont say no
    what you think i been prayin for, succes n a bad bitch, thats that sex make yo cum quik, i be stayin on some shit,like a pussy to a dick, bet ya ass i’mm well equipped,
    got no time for no trick, cause i gotta make a trip,out to south of france with my click, i be dyin tryin to get rich, callin me fifty cause i’m that sick, call me gangsta cause i got bricks, call me a pimp cause i get licked, call me a rapper cause of that ink,
    call me crazy writin what i think… i get crazy with that drink
    purple sippin on that drip, get me faded,walkin with a limp
    i be high, hindenberg blimp, u stay low aint got shit,i be all about my grip
    bad bitch with some fuckin lips, lickin and suckin my dick, kick in and work yo hip,
    kush in the cigarillo twist, come on give it a twist, …
    get high , get right, things to do on my list!!!

  • badazz:-)

    its tha nikka with tha swag that be bad, like michael,
    flows so round like a mothafuckin cycle,nikkaz follow my lead, call me the piper,
    whistle in my hands,we can party all night yo

    its a club banger, make ya body bang, girl yo body bangin, and my pants saggin,
    my shirts swaggin, girl get on yo knees, see them balls hangin

    i’m outta my mind, but still on my grind
    crazy loco but still lookin fine
    insane in the brain still i smile
    all the fame still keep a low profile
    bangin these bitches like a mothafuckin porn site

  • badazz:-)

    kush in the cigarillo and then give it a twist, rollie on my wrist, bad bitch on my hip,
    45, extra clip, so dont try to test this, mr d with some new shit, rydin with a new whip
    im something like a pimp, bad bitch everyday, from monday til sunday, i get laid, i get paid, i dont spray that ak, my nikkaz handle that fo me, thats what you call ol g, ridin round lowkey, no sleep, i still creep, bitches under my bedsheets, condomns in my ck briefs, ready to fuck and leave that pussy leak, drugs ‘ll get that pussy tweek,
    yeah i be on my fuckin freak,new car like every week, why dont you give that ass seat,
    stereo blastin to the beat, shakin n brakin the concrete, these other rappers obsolite,
    time to turn up the fuckin heat, you want beef i got that meat, fuck rap we can keep it real,take it out in the streets,just dont forget that fuckin steel!!

    extra verse

  • badazz:-)

    its that young nikka on his young gotty shit
    fuck around, i’ll drop ya body quik
    if you aint from my town, get the fuck up outta here
    you gotta be down with the atmosphere
    antwerp in this bitch, we really dont care
    mr d the shit,aint that clear
    still makin hits, still breakin hearts
    the bottem is the place where it began from the start

    mr d in hd, on tv screens n the magazines, new bitches and new enemies
    dont give a shit ,who feelin me, drop the top of my bentley
    rollin around them palmtrees, sun in the sky and a light breeze
    did i forget to mention im overseas, bad bitch with some double d’s
    high fashion that gucci, that louie, stay bougy, high class nikka with a doubie
    smokin on that owweee… that snoop d o double g, now picture me
    rollin with a infantery, of nikkaz, packed with all kinds of trikkaz, 1 mission get figures
    fuck the fame and gettin bigger, i be lowkey but still deliver, all them nikkaz i know is sinners, they started but they didnt finish, they didnt handle they bizness,
    yall nikkaz all bout to feel this, as god is my witness!!
    these rappers lookin like bitches, and as god is my witness…

  • badazz:-)

    are you gettin this, this new collard green, going to the infinite
    my message positive, tryin be rich
    are you gettin this, are you gettin this?

    this that mothafuckin crazy shit, beat so wavy bitch,
    mr d all up in this , bad bitch n her clit, rubbin on them fuckin tits,
    she be suckin on my dick, fluffy red pink lips, thats the colour of the lipstick,
    yeah it’s mr d on a whole anotha level, bringin the bass n the treble,
    imma be a fuckin legend, this rapgame i gotta settle
    my ass on the couch and let the pot kettle,
    with my dick in this bitch mouth

    i’m so outta here, i’m way gone, into another hemisphere
    call me a rockateer, fly in the sky then i dissappear
    nikkaz all scared, ya’ll nikkaz all scared

    crumbs for you rap rats, i got stacks cant match that, ya’ll nikkaz so wack, bitchin like fuckin cats,call em fuckin pussycats, tde all on tha map, got my nikkaz, they got my back,bet yo ass they comin strapped, hustle like fiend on crack, coughin like astma attack,

  • Ali Zaidoon Al-Zubaidy

    Can someone please tell me who’s the guy who usually hangs out with ferg . He has braids but with little red balls with them . He was in work (remix) & shabba … Who dafuq is he ?

  • badazz:-)

    imma respond back allright….
    this is how we do this

    new bars, new battles, new cars new rappers
    new cattle, shit to handle, fake rappers cant stand em
    this is beat so bangin, outta control i’m grabbin, my cock for these bastards,
    grab the mic, cause a disaster, fuck yo bitch now who the fuckin rat master
    put these bitches in the plastic,the cash i got have it, fold it with elastics,
    and then i passed it, to my bitch, she went and cashed it, now i’m gettin money faster
    i’mma spit it real live, fo you nikkaz thats jive, so fuck up my high when i say i’ll fuck up nas, or jay, or 50 or kanye, nikkaz make way, fuck yo respect and if you gettin paid, i’m gettin laid, writin rhymes in the shades, dont need a money tree, this bitch’s ass is cray, i’mma make no delay, murder you nikkaz from here to santa fe,
    best to start to pray, but yeezus with kim k,what the fuck is wrong with hip hop these days, nikkaz poppin bottles thats like 20k, nikkaz poppin models like b2k, it thought it was rap, nah this rnb, so nikka fuckin please, dont come at me unless you come correct, packin rhymes thats tecs, make a nikka perplex,this the gangsta in affect,
    make a pussy wet, beggin for the sex, where the stewardess pass the latex
    now who’s next, king of hip hop, a big shot, but big got shot, cause he couldnt stop,rhymin that shit that pops, make you motherfuckers hippity hop, like the bunny drop, drip drip and drop that acid, ay pass it, that bitch i’ll smash it, yo diss, be nasty
    unexpected,but classy, respect no assy,now do you fancy.. this shit i’ll play it back..
    imma run it back, like a running back, strapped with tha mack, gettin nikkaz clapped,
    bust a cap in yo back, or a pop a cap of bottle of the yak, you nikkaz lack
    the art of rap or art of war, nikkaz all aboard, nah we aint going to the cornerstore, we going to bet awards and fuck up these whores, leave the fans wantin more, mass murder on the floor, live of off tv fo sure, bumpin kicks and galores, sour diesel and a stomache sour, these cant afford to against me
    reall nikka no rapper thats a G!!!
    elemantary, schoolin you bitches and nikkaz on how to be real
    how to pack the steel, grippin wheel, nikkaz gettin killed
    correct me caps peeled, i gots no shield, i’m like a knight without a sword to wield, got a pen and it’ll fuckin kill,
    hip hop is my field, generate the real
    im so fuckin ill

  • badazz:-)




    this is for them bitch rappers ,bitch rappers thats yappin, after kendrick now nikkaz be rappin, now nikkaz be battlin, ayo rock when you gon you handle this

    cause bitchnikkaz bein skandalouz, talkin bout they famous, now nikka be actin shameless,gay rappers like anus,1 song now they haters, step up the bar or laters,

    thats what you’l fans say laters, cause they realize you imatator, fake nikka no terminator, yo bars are not a painting, so i guess you not a painter, now wait a minute, 1 gimmick,now you think sick widdit, i get it, mo money mo hoes, split it, done did it, im with it but listin, if you dissin i be trippin i’ll kickin the door with fofo clippin, blood drippin, killid this nikka i’m sippin, of his blood its sickenin aaah!!! i killed it, yes the general done drilled it, the arcitect done build it, the new rap building, now nikkaz be yielding, they swords and they shields n, horses no porches, everyday mo rappers lost to, killing rhymes n bars, dope tracks no floss, this free man no cost, wisdom is god,i aint sayin aint no god, but god, i do feel like god, and im ready to get on my job,

    to kill em all is no loss, nah nikka imma boss, no fake nikka rick ross, no pork eatin no cross, but them bitches do get tossed, everyday fuckin whores,and i dont care bout their clothes, naked on the bed pose, yeah bitch vogue, lady gaga on coke, this rapgame no joke, shoulda thought first before you spoke!!!

    over this beat…..

    Stevie Fanta x “Zoner” [Schoolboy Q & A$AP Rocky Type Beat]


  • badazz:-)

    ayo step up yo bars rocky!!!

    you heard tha nikka!!

    DAAAMN…ya’ll dumb nikkaz aint gon understand this though

    climbin the ladder , step by step, tryin reach success without no stress,tryin be the best,at this rapcontest,or rap conquest,packin my tec, i aint wearin no vest, i aint got no gold, all i got is flow,it be so dope, it’s like that coke, snif it in yo nose, now you gotta come up with a quote, that be so cold, just like kendricks on that control, thinkin all night my minds in the zone, wish a nikka could sit his ass on the throne, for about a minute ,take the cash and i’m gone,i aint dissin nobody that be so wrong, but i am droppin bodies with the bars of this song, get a mothafucker so high, hit the bong, fuckin chinese chi n chong, chop ya’ll nikkaz at the sound of the gong, i be so strong, like jackie chan, ya’ll nikkaz fans, nah ya’ll nikkaz them stuntmans, that get they ass kicked with one hand, while i handstand, now picture that while i got my mic in my other hand,fuckin mortal kombat, hip hop is on that, fatalities for my enemies, and i’m rippin these, fake ass wannabees, cause i’mma mc,and i keep it real, like i packs a steel, like i really kill, this aint trill, these caps peeled and i aint talkin bout no pills, no gold grills, no white bitch beverly hills, ghetto ass gangsta shit with a soul feel, and i bet you will, get so chill, get so high, and then you’ll ask why, why this nikka so fly


    Kendrick Lamar Type Beat – Make it Count

  • Blackmoses


  • badazz:-)

    ayo this shit here….
    crazy mayne….now fade back

    the rapgame got shooked up, by one verse now it’s fucked up, no mo rappin bout my purple cup, no mo yappin bout my bad bitch with the bubble butt, that gobble these nuts,deepthroat down to her guts,yeah now that pipe stuck, i’m spittin on the mic like a mc, spit on that bitch like a pussy,c rappin is like fuckin to me, oral sex i’m lickin the beat, bars n verses droppin a week,fanbase is like nuthin to me, yo facebooks be frontin c, and yo twitteraccounts can suck on the d, if you want this rapmoney, step up yo bars, step up yo game, or feel the pain,get burned nikka by the flame, it’s my turn nikka no 2chainz,
    i’ll fuck you up lu kang, this no skateboy no lil wayne, no pimpshit, no rick james,
    gangsta bitch, yeah i go insane, cyprus hill all in the brain, that new jack that real cane,
    murder be on my mindframe, kill these nikkaz no complaints
    homocide cant find my fingerprints, got a bad bitch in the precinct, and she workin with me yeah we n sync,



  • asvpdestina


  • shyguytony

    asap rocky and ferg i love yall man igot some homey they wana get in the rap game hit me up the got lyrics

  • badazz :-)

    mr d the zone

    so many ways you can try survive these days
    slang cocaine or get on yo knees and pray
    choose your side, your fate…

    i got my writinpad and writin hella mad, just had a bad day, now i gotta take care of my dad, shit that make u crazy man,i dont really understand, if life’s a bitch,how come that bitch wanna give a belly dance, i’m fly like like peter pan, but i feel like robin hood,
    steal from the rich and give to the hood, yeah we all misunderstood, we all wished that we could, get anotha chance, but there’s only one,you betta take it or be done
    or be none,imma take it and blaze up like the sun,yeah bitch aint that sume, smoke drink and have fun, fuck that,i got plans to blow like a bomb, no terrorist shit but i’ll fuckin kill like saddam,murder every mc, every wannabee, thats fake and thats no g, you gettin money mothafucker then you betta stay low key,you come at me,i ‘ll take ya chain and ya keys to ya bentley,now you betta ask me nicely,if you can have yo shit back,,i might c,
    cause i mindread, and yo mind is tellin me you bitch, like high heels, get back mothafuckers, i got sometin 4 ya, i got somethin for you,
    this hat amazin warrior swingin swords like conan, you can call me mr d
    eradicatin these fake mc’s, chill n stay lokey,

  • tishhyyy


  • tishhyyy

    sha shabba ranks ^_^

  • ASAP Young

    Very good music for smoke weed.. Respect Rocky !

  • Turkey

    i love asap niggah

  • badazz:)

    MR D

    I used to dream about bein a rapstar, now i that i got this far,
    imma show these nikkaz who i are….

    Its that mr d on the mic, nikkaz knoa=w when i write it, ill make yo bitch so excited, that she just cant fuckin hide it, yeah she wanne fuckin ride it, like ciara,she wanna ride it,
    call me daddy cause i provide it, call me daddy cause i might hit, that pussy from the back n then bite it, she scream n shoutin allrighty, i dont care what the time is, we fuckin all night no silence, i get up in that bitch like a tyrant, imma be a mtv pirate,my jewelry shinin you blinded, you talkin bout me i dont mind it, im way too busy grindin, my cardoors suicidin, my mainbitch sidewindin, im cruisinm im ridin, im so high n, im flyin,
    no lyin,in my raps, cause im tryin to get stacks, and im strivin, to be on the map,
    my timin is, now, my rhymin, go bloauw, im blowin up, nikkaz know wassup, cause i got my drink up, and im so drunk i start to hickup, picture me in a black pick up,
    while i fuckin pick up, yo bitch n i stick up, that dick in her cunt while i sip on my cup
    caue i dont give a fuck…

    yeaaaaaaaah mr do baby

  • badazz:)

    mr dope on all in yo mixtape, you smoke n get high i sound great,
    you boppin yo head to the soundbass, these nikkaz i put them place,
    nikkaz cant c me im in space, i be goin all night cause i cum late,
    you bitchnikkaz is just too fake, bitchnikkaz lookin like 2face,
    iim batman swaggin with a slow pace, batmobile i switch lanes
    if i c traffic some bitch gon gimme brain, no tv for me to get entertained
    im shinin you can call me 2chainz, you tryin you just to lame,
    you cryin you just bitchmade, i’ll buy out ya whole fuckin fanbase,
    motherfucker i get my dick licked everytime i spit, this mic i rip, i’ll clip on these nikkaz quit,
    ill flip this rapgame like a brick, yeah i know motherfucker my flow sick, i been given these nikkaz the flu n shit, im the young motherfucker that flew to quik, got beats in line like dj quik, dont waste my time on silly tricks,
    got gucci n bally kicks, my bitch be so trill, she just popped a pill,
    i wanna make a mill, you can call meek millz,
    ill take yo fuckin grill, gotdamn yes i will
    mr d still kill

  • badazz

    MR d

    Now that im blowin up these nikkaz call me famous, imma go mc hammer blow the paper
    if you fly walkin through the sky, bitch im darth vader
    only worry bout my mofokkin capers, got no rollie on cause i aint got time for them haters
    bet ya bottem dollar that i will fuckin make it,

    My swagger on a hundred, kilometers i run it, my jewelry i stun it, all these bitches they love it,mr d makin profit, these nikkaz makin garbage, tryin to see who the hardest, not knowin that they targets, mothafuckers talkin bout they started, from the bottem, departement, i took a elavator now im on top of yo appartement, ill kick in yo ;ofakkin crib, ill split yo mofakkin wig, ill cut ya down to size nikka no mo actin big
    ill punch ya lights out, now you knocked out, i feel like tyson, i got that iron
    no rape charge cause i got tha right one,
    my rymes so tight, like a pussy thats a virgin, im so lqybqck nikka stop worryin
    the bread comin in like bakkery, fresh dough, thats what im makin see

  • badazz

    Mr d

    Mr d i play the game, i studied the rules, so nuthin new, catch me in a buggati coupe, im so faded i drove on the stoop, swervin through the alleys call it alley oep, bitch i aint got time to loose, gotta keep my mind on my floes, if you a pussy nikka then im runnin through, yo bitchass gon get screwed, if you come at me with no tools, nah nikka you a fuckin fool, what you got i got times 2,
    money and a rolex, bad bitch latex, cruisin in my lexus lookin like a spaceship
    im wasted and anxious, to get that pussy tasted, she lost her fuckin patience, she came then she fainted, i woke her up, round 2 bitch get on yo knees, and gobble these, nuts til

  • badazz

    my shit go back n forth like a tennisgame, yo bitch be so smart she gon gimme brain, nikkaz in the streets still tryin maintain, wether music ballin or slangin cane,

    in the end the goal is all the fuckin same, we tryin get money lots of it,fuck the fame,

    i aint a playa but i got my eyes on ya dame, she a playa she told me i aint got no man,

    she told me i was cool and she would really like to dance, i tolld her bitch my name mr d, not fuckin lance,why dont you get out of them fuckin pants, so we can understand

    she started twerkin, she sweatin she workin, that bitch be flirtin, that body look perfect, she a devilous serpent, got all these nikkaz lookin got all these nikkaz lurkin,…

    yeah bitch she feelin it, that pussy get clapped im killin it, she wantin it, im ripin it, im killin it, these nipples i be sippin them, got em both drippin in, got em tastin like liqarish, exquisit bitch isnt it,you a hoe imma pimp thats dividends, im almost finishin, she lookin all cute and innocent,round 2 im hammerin,thats pussy get wetter then, she tapped out she fainted call a ambulance, that bitch dead mayne thats a funeral.

    Mr dope in a drop top, with top dropped, aimin for the fuckin top, yeah bitch i go non stop, im cruisin through my fuckin block i got locked locked like a padlock, all my nikkaz got crack in they socks,n cock 4 the cops, swagger got it by stock, my rhymes gottem in a box, bitches gottem by the flock, only care bout my guape, fuck you n this hip hop, fuck all you nikkaz that turned pop,some of you nikaz done learned a lot, how to piss straight in the pot, im on way to parkin lot, my bitch she gon suck my cock,im so hard like a rock she gon get a cum shot, open yo mouth n swallow to the last drop,


  • pam

    you suck

    • badazz:)

      you suck dick BITCH!!!!!

  • badazz

    MR D


    Back once again with a record i dropped,hustlin hard tryin be on top, youtube views got it on lock, all my friends now in shock, all these bitches want my cock, all these snakes wantin what i got, im blowin up im goin pop, just like a mothafuckin jack in a box, got whole lotta rhymes in my stock,im puttin in work no pitstop,

    jealous faces when my shit dropped, i dropped the top of my drop top, im aimin at the top,only got 1 shot, it`s my time on my watch, i feel like pac, all eyez on me they watchin to c, if i can be, that great mc, that understands gs, n kill wannabees,fullfill his dreams, when i step up in the scene, low cut jeans, swagger on lean, like a cup with codeine, bitches on me like i be dealin to the fiends,they all fuckin scream, zhen i get up in between, some type of shit that they done never have seen

    all my nikkaz be screamin cream, yeah bitch we want that cream.

    Yeah bitch we want that cream

    Yeah bitch we want that cream

    Now we so cautious,when bitches appraoch us,cause now i got porches, and these bitches lookin for abortions,im a pimp i fuck n i toss em, i double cross em, i boss em, i rick ross em, thats awsome, now all these ikkaz gettin lost in, my beats my rhymes, so trilla, yeah nikka im that born killa, born sinner, only lookin out for my scrilla,they call me monster godzilla, ill kill you bitch no feelins

    im so in it, only out to win it, this just the beginning, mtv im mass appealin,magazines look like a winner, modelbitch she want me to fit in, and start diggin, that ussy rippin, she so freaky, she started lickin got my dick drippin, now she sippin, and im trippin, cause she taste just like liqarish, so tasty isn`t, damn that bitch so exquisit, ist ignorant

    Now mr d up in this bitch, with a dick for ya bitch, and a six for you to get sick, dime piece ho with pinky lips, victoria secret gettin stripped, god damn aint that some shit…

  • badazz

    mr d

    I think i lost my patience with this rapgame imma break it, cash out and go on vacation,
    im so tired of the waitin, for real hip hop entertainement, im workin in the basement, cookin up some treatement, so you nikkaz can reason, have something to believe in
    all my nikkaz be leanin, lookin out for killa season, these bitches we be teasin, next mornin they sleepin, in the bed with us we creepin, we fucked all day til the evening,
    she even swaollowed my semen, nasty bitches be schemin, all these nikkaz wanne be eatin, the cash is what we be needin, for that nikkaz get to bleedin, bust shots they screamin, like bitches on they knees and,

  • badazz:)

    Mr d

    another day livin my life, i wanna get paid no sacrafice, im selfmade i have no price,
    hustlin hard to get allright,
    now as i step to the mic and i give you what i got, hard rhymes n swagger on lock
    all these bitchnikkaz now in shock, cause they couldnt drop it like i dropped.
    its my time on my watch i said it once i said it twice,
    lookin out for my vices, cause the devil wanna get me im righteous,
    lifes a crap game throw the dices, snake eyes i might just, go crazy in this bitch
    spit some rhymes fuck that shit, grab the ak reload the clip, start to spray and nikkaz all quit, this for you mofokkers on my dick,mr d going legit, cant stop this im well equipped,
    got my family n my friends, we aint poppin till we got some endz, we aint stoppin til we cop a benz, mayne im shinin look at them rims, mr d on everything,
    cutomed to lose but now i win, my fuckin life no pretend, bad bitch ex girlfriend,
    its my time …

  • badazz:)

    Mr d

    another day livin my life, i wanna get paid no sacrafice, im selfmade i have no price,
    hustlin hard to get allright,
    now as i step to the mic and i give you what i got, hard rhymes n swagger on lock
    all these bitchnikkaz now in shock, cause they couldnt drop it like i dropped.
    its my time on my watch i said it once i said it twice,
    lookin out for my vices, cause the devil wanna get me im righteous,
    lifes a crap game throw the dices, snake eyes i might just,yeah nikka i might just, go crazy in this bitch
    spit some rhymes fuck that shit, grab the ak reload the clip, start to spray and nikkaz all quit, this for you mofokkers on my dick,mr d going legit, cant stop this im well equipped,
    got my family n my friends, we aint poppin till we got some endz, we aint stoppin til we cop a benz, mayne im shinin look at them rims, mr d on everything,
    cutsomed to lose but now i win, my fuckin life no pretend, bad bitch ex girlfriend,
    all you pussy nikkaz get bent,
    yeah i got this since i was a little kid, now that im all grown and big, nikka followin his instinct, before you act you betta think, mr d the missin link, and my lips on kissin pink,
    sexy bitch lipstick,
    now everybody wanna be textin, no time im flexin, im wreckin, these fake ass rappers representin, fake hip hop no question, i suggest you dont get to testin, cause i got smith n wesson, ready to teach you nikkaz a lesson, pop a cap now you restin, in peace nikka no blessin, mr d bringin the essence, real hip hop is the answer, you rappers all lookin like dancers, i mastered, this shit, im faster im quik, you bastards suck a dick, i hear laughter these tricks, im the last to, fuckin quit….

  • badazz:)

    mr d

    im lookin so good n fresh, swagger on a hundred as i step, in the scene, now watch me lean, purple cup of that codeine, i feel like livestream, my life is like a live dream, i feel good loud scream, hot bitch watch me steam,
    im burnin up, she know wassup, we gettin druunk, we started to touch, she started to blush, goddamn feel the rush, i feel the lust, she said she trust, mr d gone bust,that nut, she started dancin with that butt, im so in luv, i wanna fuck,

  • badazz

    MR D

    i remember cold nights when i used to shiver, if life is pain now cry me a river,
    we all tryin be winners in this life full of sinners, can you dig this…
    2 things in my mind, family n my time, i see your wicked eyes, lookin at me you surprised,that i just passed you by,and i didn`t give a fuck, my swag like a mofokkin hundred thousand bucks, got my raybans i aint starstruck, i see mayhem ran outta luck,
    the world is fakin thats wassup, the poor are brakin and the rich are livin it up, tv n the magazines all i see is fuckin disgust, homeless man on the bus, cause unlce sam made a fuss, bad credit no trust, you see him covered with the dust,no pity when you rockin, in this city no stoppin, if you with me yeah we poppin,

  • badazz

    MR D

    i remember cold nights when i used to shiver, if life is pain now cry me a river,
    we all tryin be winners in this life full of sinners, can you dig this…
    2 things in my mind, family n my time, i see your wicked eyes, lookin at me you surprised,that i just passed you by,and i didn`t give a fuck, my swag like a mofokkin hundred thousand bucks, got my raybans i aint starstruck, i see mayhem ran outta luck,
    the world is fakin thats wassup, the poor are brakin and the rich are livin it up, tv n the magazines all i see is fuckin disgust, homeless man on the bus, cause unlce sam made a fuss, gave him bad credit no trust, you see him covered with the dust,no pity when you rockin, in this city no stoppin, if you with me yeah we poppin,go against me bodies droppin, i show you why all these nikkaz floppin, scared bitches with the fingers in they stockings, all they do is fuckin gossip, as they watchin, how i rise like a comet , unidentiefd flying object, going so hard you cant stop it, even if you fuckin tried it, i can see all through to the horizon, and the ocean watch me dive in, as im divin to the bottem, souls rotten and they plottin,how to giva mr d a schockin, that aint no option, cause i get hostile, and i start to boxin,and i ll fuckin drop ya,aint that somethin aint that awesome, these nikkad dead just like a possum, make that fossil,

  • badazz

    MR D

    i remember cold nights when i used to shiver, if life is pain now cry me a river,
    we all tryin be winners in this life full of sinners, can you dig this…
    2 things in my mind, family n my time, i see your wicked eyes, lookin at me you surprised,that i just passed you by,and i didn`t give a fuck, my swag like a mofokkin hundred thousand bucks, got my raybans i aint starstruck, i see mayhem ran outta luck,
    the world is fakin thats wassup, the poor are brakin and the rich are livin it up, tv n the magazines all i see is fuckin disgust, homeless man on the bus, cause unlce sam made a fuss, gave him bad credit no trust, you see him covered with the dust,no pity when you rockin, in this city no stoppin, if you with me yeah we poppin,go against me bodies droppin, i show you why all these nikkaz floppin, scared bitches with the fingers in they stockings, all they do is fuckin gossip, as they watchin, how i rise like a comet , unidentiefd flying object, going so hard you cant stop it, even if you fuckin tried it, i can see all through to the horizon, and the ocean watch me dive in, as im divin to the bottem, souls rotten and they plottin,how to giva mr d a schockin, that aint no option, cause i get hostile, and i start to boxin,and i ll fuckin drop ya,aint that somethin aint that awesome, these nikkad dead just like a possum, make that a fossil,i be rollin with my nikkaz call them mofokkin apostles, yeah we cruisin and we rollin full throttle, drunkdrivin pass the bottle, im so fucked up you`ll get boggled,

  • badazz


    i get so cold i feel so cool, fuck new swag im oldskool, bitch nikkaz rapping thats old news
    bitch nikkas actin like old fools, rappin over autotunes, what the fuck is wrong with you,
    i aint got 1 bitch but i got two, imma pimp mothafucka and i gots to…

  • badazz


    i get so cold i feel so cool, fuck new swag im oldskool, bitch nikkaz rapping thats old news
    bitch nikkas actin like old fools, rappin over autotunes, what the fuck is wrong with you,
    i aint got 1 bitch but i got two, imma pimp mothafucka and i gots to…

    I feel so live, and i get right, lookin at the stars in the darkest night,swaggin through the city call me dark night, dont get mixed up in silly fights, i got my mind focused on the big signs, enterprise, goddamn i feel so energized, top down even tough its wintertime, dont giva fuck



  • badazz

    I m smokin n im sippin, im feelin down im trippin, im sittin here reminiscin, thinkin how get some money in a instant, gotte pay the bills n my tuition, mama workin all day in the kitchin, my big brotha in a jail cell i miss em, my other brotha workin hard to get a bizness, every in word in this bitch i ment this, my rhymes like a drug get addicted, every bitch got a taste of this nikka dick, you frontin bitch now you just a little trick, just like 50 come taste but just a little bit, every mothafuckin rapper make a em little sick,
    my swag so mofokkin ignorant, my flow from god thats heavensent, i show you nikkaz how to pay the rent, i tell you haters how to get bent, ill tell you bitches jump in my benz, mothafucka drake right no new friends, if you do that that mean no loose endz, and a nikka in ya circle cant pretend, mothafucka imma mindreader i read men, once i read yo soul thats the end, case closed like a sea shell, swimmin in the pool but the deep end,
    my bitch so bad thats a sraight ten, lookin like baywatch that why i stay in, bet yo ass the sex amazin, bet yo ass this bitch want my savins,bet yo ass i aint gon be stayin,
    bet yo ass everyday im prayin, bet yo ass gotta nine and im sprayin, im bringin these mothafuckers mayhem, imma blow upthats no delayin, my scheldule on am, evrey mornin hustle hard no strayin, gotta keep faith in god not satan,all you rappers im the topic of debatin, im showin you cats demonstratin, ayo dog pass a nikka aprrin, cause im whipin all these nikkaz face in, lookin like all these nikkaz fakin, thats why they so easy to break them,
    i be going hard, and im well in charge,get big mothafucka yeah get large, bottem is the place where i motherfuckin start,my swag so special so fuckin apart, have all these bitches screamin like oh my god,
    bet yo ass im puttin in work,im diggin in that bitch until she squirt, im clippin this clip til you get merked, im strippin yo shit fo you under the dirt, mr d get cash all over my shirt, motherfuckin million dollars thats my networth, 1 million degrees my tempature, im going eminem im going berzerk
    lookin at these bitches at the pols they twerk, lookin at these bitches at my show they flirt,
    lookin at these ho`s pullin up they skirt,

    Einde chatgesprek
    Bekeken om 02:20

  • A$AP JON


  • badazz:)

    MR D

    ill keep it plain and simple, fresh to def, no wrinkels, now picture me meddlin in gettin in yo bizness, i be from meddelin , kartel gettin bizness, paper money bitches,
    murderscene no witness, murderjeans with the rip ins, that ass with a ribbon, she feelin generous so give in, im in it, im diggin, i be drillin, that pussy gettin killed in, she came n came until she started drippin, that orgasm im sippin, freaky nikka thats lickin, this young hot vixen, she feelin good n she itchin, to get a taste of this feelin, now she all addicted, to my dick tip, i tickle with, its tiqalish, pussy kinda taste like liqarish, damn that bitch ixquisit isn it, you gettin money ill triple it, yeah thats that pimpin shit,
    i be on my g style, i look at her n she smile, on the dancefloor she wind, on the streets i grind, put us togethet n combine, that shit look like a popped nine, its rhymetime, i serve these nikkaz some of my lines, i watch the jealousy in they eyes, gettin bigger as i rise, swalow blood before my pride, fuck that judge gon give me five,

  • badazz

    MR D

    i write lines on the pieces of the paper, i create young minds does that make me a creator,or a savior, ill tell u later
    once i rap on the track, bringin the flow thats wack, so potent like crack, now get back
    imma bout to spazz on these nikkaz, spittin shit showin half of these nikkaz
    that they cant fuck with the mc, mindcontroller that flows over the mic so elaquently, thats the way it supposed to be, fresh to def, daddy mack, lookin fresh n so clean,
    ill beat yo to death cause daddy back,smokin sess livin dreams
    somenthin that you never seen
    bringin the real without the steel, i murder and i dont even have to kill, chill listen to my flow while you pop a pill

  • jj400

    what song has these lyrics :
    I be high and nigga don’t ask me why I just like to fuck the sky and get some head while I ride

  • badazz:)

    MR D

    iM only twenty sumthin years old, been through so much shit my heart done turned cold,
    my feelins on froze, i dont give a shit im on my own, Dont really matter if a nikka all grown, soon as he grow up the nikka done wrong, smoke the stress out hit the bong, now im flyin now im all gone,. into another hemisphere, i dissappear and reappear, smoke in the mothafuckin atmosphere, you cant see me, even tough im there, lookin like a shadow in the night you scared,lookin like suicidebomber with a beard, my swag never been seen thats weird, if life is a bitch man she aint fair, best to be prepared, cause that ll make u let out a tear, if not now, maybe in a year, think bout my words and the message i share
    creep in the night, with the sleep in my eyes, focused on the mothafuckin prize, what, when , where will i rise, and if i rise, will my nikkaz ride, or rob me of my mofookin pride, come at me with guns and desguise, jealousy in they mothefuckin minds, pop one shot maybe two at a time, i dont play with guns so i dont have a nine, if life is a trafficjam read the fuckin signs, my bars, my verses my rhymes, strictly truth no fuckin lies,

  • badazz

    MR D

    I bring the flow that overthrones any so called king at the throne, mothafucka im in my zone, once you hear one verse,you gone, nikkaz spittin in a different tone, they feel the chills all in they bones, cause im nightmare when im on, i be spittin hellfire on a song, i be smokin like i hit that bong, the flow too potent way too strong,like crack mixed with the aceton, they callin me i dont answer the phone, fuck all them fakes , ill be back for the storm,blow up like bomb, no time nikka to ring the alarm

    i been impatiently waitin, to let go off all this frustration, nikkaz thats talkin and hatin, rappers thats spittin but fakin, talkin bout shittin n skatin, subject of all this debatin, projects full of nikkaz thats achin, to hold triggaz and start sprayin, dont care what you be sayin, cause what you be sayin dont mean naythin, i whip yo fuckin face off with my aprin, now you lost face like a fuckin operation,

  • Joelz Whackless

    Im curious…the 3rd verse on Shabba ,Ferg said “motha fukas like cavities..cuz them niggas bee too fake.”
    did he mean? too fake like a fake tooth or tooth ache..but said it slick for it to flow right.
    Someone holla at me..this is a debate at the crib right now!

  • anonymusbitch

    asap is a terrible rapper and sold his soul most likely.



  • badazz

    Some of these rappers feel, spittin bars talkin bout how they kill, mic or the nine its a choice that will, chag=nge yo life like a molly pill,
    my verses so persuasive, have yo bitch in no time naked, after fuckin she in the kitchen bakin,
    no mason signs no satan, i pray to god my soul not achin, when the angels come for my savement
    i go hard like the mofokkim pavement, cookin bars n swag in the basement,
    all you bitch nikkas all fake hatin, hatin on me while i aint got naythin
    u aint tired of ballin, u aint tired of fallin, shotcallin, we go all in, till the mornin, never stallin, and we high as fuck so we soarin
    tde on the bet, thats like rip, to fake ass g`s, and we kill wanna bees, we dont need no lp, we just a need a fuckin beat, no drus no sleep, we the mothafuckin herders of this shit no sheep, thats deep
    and all you hatin nikkaz is the moffokin wolves. cant wait to get my gat n pull, the trigga on you wannabees clip is full,unloadin my verses like a mad bull, im energized but i dont need no red bull, im fired up, in the fuckin head fool,
    fuck around with us that aint cool, leave ya ass like a erased tatoo.
    get a chrome, get ya cup, gettin toed thats wassup, moffokkers if you knew, you would never fuck with us, tde mad hoes on the bus,and we gettin liquered up, got a pool full of liquer,n big bag f skunk, smokin thats shit till it aint left none, now we drunk, we hickup, at concert bad bitch i pick up, sleepin under the sheets like mofokkin snicker, i fuck her and l leave her, call that desceivement, reason, no ratchet hoes this evening,


      that’s some real shit right there better than asap rocky but you gotta keep it real more real no fake shit nothing about impressment just keep I 100 bullshits for school kids

  • badazz

    Backpack rappers with the hard act , black hippy on tha map,
    stayin trippy of this sack, buddha in my system jack,
    got me feelin overconfident, like who the fuckin mack,
    spittin verses tryin stack, bars up like a maniac,
    too much wisdom in my mind, tryin to stay intact
    before i crack, like that crackrock
    on tha corner of the street, sellin os smokin those, tryin keep my level with the beat
    tappin my feet, of this new shit that leaked
    on tha internet, tryyin rep up my set, like im tha fuckin president, imagin that, crips n bloods, runnin arrens that i sent
    tryin vent, too much weedsmoke, it got me bout to choke, too much dope
    eyes low
    lower down the window,
    blazin that hydro, burnin like pyro
    too high yeah i know
    mist of fog, runnin with my dogz, bout to set it off, fuck yo opinion and yo fuckin blog
    rappers on twitter now, im like oh my god
    pussynikkaz actin hard,im bout to get back on fuvckin day job
    killin rappers no prob
    small fish n frog
    high cuisin in tha restaurants,

  • WildL

    Please come to Norway A$AP ROCKY! I turn 18 in 2014, my biggest wish for my year when I turn 18 is to be in your concert and go backstage! Love you so much.

  • A$AP$WAG6

    a$ap mob my hitta

  • asap mac

    ceep calm

  • mookymook

    you mise well make a cartoon asp mob

  • badazz

    im swangin of this shit, my mic in my hand
    bangin on this bitch, what you like dont mean damn
    spittin with a gift, im like im tha fuckin man
    puffin on this spliff and my mind is in a trance
    i need something to advance, so i can take yo fuckin fans
    im tryin to expand, so you best to understand
    i got kill some people like mid evil take yo land

  • Adrian

    Does anyone here know where I can contach Rocky? I need to get his instrumental for Goldie.. I’ve made my own lyrics for that song, but can’t find the instrumental anywhere.. + I’m gonna rap it on a competition sort of thing

  • badazz

    I been so far away and

    i cant come back

    but this my comeback

    now watch me run that

    yep watch me run that

    i be dreamin of succes, spittin out words til their aint nuthin left

    and when im through, i hit that sess,inhale the fumes and exhale the stress

    so you betta be impressed when im in that booth

    im spittin some shit nikkaz aint got a clue

    now im on tv now im on the news

    radioshows, youtube views

    im doin me, and you do you

    i be on that new swag mellow you cant even diss

    few drags of the drough pass it to my bitch

    eyes low runnin round like im tha shit
    nikkaz already know, mr d spit

  • badazz

    I been so far away and

    i cant come back

    but this my comeback

    now watch me run that

    yep watch me run that

    i be dreamin of succes, spittin out words til their aint nuthin left

    and when im through, i hit that sess,inhale the fumes and exhale the stress

    so you betta be impressed when im in that booth

    im spittin some shit nikkaz aint got a clue

    now im on tv now im on the news

    radioshows, youtube views

    im doin me, and you do you
    haters watchin my every move
    but i put them to the side, like some dusty shoes
    i dont need em, i paid my dues
    i had my share of the sorrow and the blues
    now watch me bare my pain on you

    and im spittin that mothafuckin truth
    shakespare nikka well this is part 2
    i be on the mofokkin basics
    nikka this aint even my a shit
    wanna know how many rappers on my a list
    fuck that i aint even gon say shit
    betta yet shut up and press play bitch
    cuz this that mofokin amazin
    spittin flows all day in the basement
    watch me raise the bars of entertainement

    im the talk of the town
    watch me talk with my crown
    walk the walk yeah i gets down
    headbumpin to this sound
    now wont you bounce
    now wont you bounce
    now wont you bounce

  • badazz

    so many ways of tellin a story
    you could die young, all for the glory
    somebody tell moms, no need to worry
    imma do this and i wont be sorry
    imma kill this but wont drop bodies
    i just killed this with my Rrari
    drivin around like im somebody
    with a sound that has nobody
    bangin on that set…. dj bang on that set, cuz wont you bang on that set, bloods bangin what they rep, beat going harder then a tech, nine nikkaz shoot at yo spine, and now you wrecked, grind, all the time,excepts, when im fuckin my bitch….yes


    It’s about time imma rise up, fired up, imma fuck up any motherfucker who wanna try us, slice em, dice em, if I don’t like em I ain’t playin around, no mo imma explode and blast a hole in your dome 2170, Liverpool my home town, that I’ve been down, for so long, , in my o zone, all alone gettin stoned now whatch out the po po, keeping it on the lo lo, coz I’m stressin, this is a message,learn a lesson to anybody who wanna be steppin, il be ready, with a machete, this shit is gettin scary, so don’t test me, or it’s gunna get deadly, with me nd MB, coz we can see what you cannot see

  • badazz

    MR D

    Im still rappin these words that u get outta this world

    come with me and you“ll learn, that these bitches just burn

    everythang that you earn, and these haters just yearn

    to see u dead in a urn, these bitches got some real nerves

    im drunk as fuck watch me hearl, swangin ridin the curb

    nikka i aint from the burbs, loose my calm i disturbs

    yeah my anger just stirs, keep risin like birds

    shoot ya whole fuckin block up, nikka i dont really curr

    fuck yo shoes n ya fashion and ya fuckin mink furr

    pussynikkaz occur, like trends n the slurs

    like a dog in the streets , liftin his leg let a turd

    my god its obsurd,

    so many fuckin fake nikkaz, push the gas not the brake, when you out to deliver

    bones shiver and quiver, tears fall like rivers

    hearts made so bitter, soul is full sins nikka, i guess its just litter

    mama said im a quitter, how can ya quit when you aint even a beginner

    god dont help sinners, change my life im a finna

    do what ever it takes, to get my chicken dinner

    hustle hard to be a winner

    fine ass bitch yeah im in her

    sewer rotten like compton nikkaz they all master splinters

    bloods n the crips, yeah the thugs n the pimps

  • badazz

    i Was sippin on this bottle, thinkin bout my problems

    how am i gon solve em, i just aka revolve em

    peddle to the gas i be goin full throttle

    hand on that ass, yeah that bitch she gon swallow

    nikka imma leader i dont fuckin follow

    so what you sayin nikka, your words are too hollow

    that mean that you broke and you aint won the lotto’

    broke ass nikka, got a warrant for fuckin carnotes’

    bitch i be in my condo, bitches be suckin no condomns

    stackin on my cash, put em in them envelopes

    soon as i see them stripperpoles, make it rain on them hos

    just in case you dont know, my temper like ice cold

  • David asap chambers

    coke and white biches dats my shit and 1 train

  • David asap chambers

    fashoin killa



  • Vinny

    talk to me nicer or don’t talk to me at all

  • badazz :)

    Im ridin through the town and the night is young
    imma show you how u get down how to get u some
    dollabills, fly bitches, make em really feel, my bizness
    i make em addicted, give em a dick then im finished
    i leave em in a instant, witness this pimp shit
    you see me im rippin, nikka im killin
    call me a killa with a hitlist
    i aint stoppin till i kill this
    only nikka bringin real shit
    poppin trikkaz like real quik
    big gun steel with a ill grip
    you know the ones with a side clip

    im a mc on the mic ,and when i flow you hit the light
    watch me shinin all bright, dont need no chains no rings no ice
    my flow is like a knife, watch me slice this beat all right
    watch me take a bite, i just might
    imma a monster in plain sight, you betta be smart and not pick a fight
    im gon take yo fuckin life
    im gon fuck yo fuckin wife
    i dont know how to be polite
    i only know how to be pro rights
    and my rights, include them thangs thats nice
    big bag of weed im high like a kite
    on the streets see me peddle with a bike
    fuckin a bitch thats probably a dike


    Asap mob goes too hard. PSYCH!! thats not possible

  • badazz

    im writin my thoughts and my thoughts ,im in a porsche, 500 powered horse, money thats a boss, coupe down now watch me floss, yeah im down to pay the cost, even though im around i still im lost,
    this a cold feelin, takin over ya body and spirit
    let me tell what is this
    this that realness over bizness
    ya ll aint never done did this
    this that ill shit, that thrill shit
    full clip, rubber grip
    yeah nikka im on some other shit

  • Lord Flacko

    asap rocky rockes the world

  • a$ap rocky jr

    a$ap mobrandy

  • badazz

    Put the beat in yo mind and ride along with my flow… thrill shit

    This that wavy shit, this might need some that kush n purple gravy shit
    Elevate nikka no spaceship, meditate nikka another mind space, goddamn i feel great
    But i cant feel my face, .. another sip of that ace,.. this aimt cristal but i like the taste,
    Another level on that thrill shit, another rebel with a full clip, no trouble no bullshit, but i might just pull quik, leave you dead like who s the bitch,
    Im so far away, i dont know if i can come back from today, might as well stick around and stay, im ok, i’ll be ok,so dont go n pray, ill be ok, so run along play, in concrete jungle, where you rumble, with the people in yo life, the world is the world and that bitch she aight
    Long as you teather maker right, it takes two wrongs to make a right, it takes two thongs to get the bitch halfprice, if u follow me that shit all nice, peter piper with a fuckin flute for the mothafuclon mice,riddle with the words call me riddler with a mic…

  • badazz

    yeah bitch, im feelin feverish,
    like a candle lit, way to hot, u cant handle this
    i been sippin all day, i been wettin my lips
    purple acid drip,smokin on a active spliff
    now you betta pass me that shit
    get my smoke on, im activist
    nikka im broke so dont ask me shit,
    i just might trip, go on and dump a whole a clip
    dont care bout ya click, im solo, no fuckin trick

    i been runnin and livin, my life, paid the cost,sacrafice
    no chains no rings no ice, im just me, im aight
    pass the j take a flight, no problems in sight
    im gettin way too heavy ya’ll just light
    imma big dog, n dogz fight
    dont fuck with me my nikka, cuz i just might take a bite
    i been runnin n roamin all night
    i been gunnin n zonin im right
    no fun if its only tonight
    she go bothways, she a dyke, that mean she only halfprice
    i fucks and then i be like
    ciao bitchi get the peddle on my bike
    nikka dont meddle in my bizness
    i might let a nikka be a witness
    now witness, yo death be a like a instant, and i ment this
    them bulletholes need forensics, yo momma prayed for me to end this
    so lets end this…i begins with,

  • Pelumy Balogun

    shout my nigga asap rocky from africa long live asap

  • badazz

    I got this……
    hell yeah

    im in that timespace, run along and go get my face, im fucked cuz of too much ace
    im flyin above in another place, im too quick thats deadly pace, im tha shit, so get the record straight, ill wreck it quik, with another quake
    ill fuck the bitch and get another to taste,
    now elevate, yeah nikka another mindspace; and i feel great and i iz great
    dont talk shit, or decapatate,
    yo head on my dinnerplate, any rapper that hesitate, and has no faith
    ill educate, any bitch that cant wait, i got switchblade, and ill twist her up like french braids, imma renagade that go on for days, no time for strangers, my mind be dangerous, and im feelin anxious, time to blow call that shit banger

  • badazz

    Dont doubt this shit… we got killers on deck

    We got nikkaz with techs, chrome artelliry and thats flex

    Shoot ya up and then jet, no witness on the set

    No bitches thats wet, im not finished until i get, balance out them checks

    Fill up my pock ets… stick up my rock et, in a bitch that loves to have sex

    Just dont excpect, for me to come down and help

    I aint sharin my wealth, i aint makin it rain fuck that

    Im swangin n ridin by my self, im leanin n sippin moet

    Drunk n faded how i felt i done umbeckeld my belt, slap these bitches back to health

    The hawkin mayne they on stealth,pimpslap what i dealt, till these bitches act right back on track they ass on that shelf, imma make em take a pause, nikka imma appauled, that these bitches dont work hard, get my money mayne or im on something mayne , bitch be like omg, rolled up in a car, with the suicide doors, thats bitch check the shit out mayne, and she fall down on the floor, this aint enough i want more, bout time to go to war, take ya shit and bounce back like a whore,

  • badazz

    Im all swagged out , im new, so fresh im cool, im breezy man im good, im chillin man in my hood, with a couple bithces that love, smokin on that bud, sippin off that cup, im fucked up n im drunk, zonin out n i bumps, last night was the like last flight, throwin up now wassup, i re up and then what, lookin for a nut, all up in that club, she gon gimme sum, she gon gimme suck , hell yeah i picked her up, back of the pick up, stick up my dick up, its like a robbery freeze, put yo hands up! Thats pussy gettin so warm man, but i stay cool like a hockeypuck, but i dont really give a fuck, to focused on gettin bucks, might aswell wish me good luck….. if i fail atleast i tried, fuck that, thateint enough

    I be gettin al this money man, you aint done nuthin for me man,

  • badazz

    Hold up hold up, its that nikka that get u toed up, its that nikka that switch the flow up, its that boy that done grown up, i paid my dues come walk in my shoes , my turn to blow up, imma show u mofokkas how to reaaly go up……

    I be on another level, i be on another level, bitches shakin they ass on the bass n treble, i be gettin pussy aint no shit that u can tell me, i be gettin busy ,I aint got no time for help me, carebiean seas i be out there takin selfies, i be eatin gooood so im feelin kinda healthy
    I be gettin money but dont you dare call me wealthy, dont make no mistakes cause it might be kinda deadly,
    I be on aonether level i be on another level, i be on that shit that get u really fuckin dazed, two shots to head nikka yeah that whisky taste, feelin like the shit, yeah im feelin really great,might be that jack,nikka might be that cocain, easin down my stress man numbin down my brain, untightning that grip of the mothafuckin strain, we all wanna be somebody just remember my name,
    I be bouncin i be bouncin, i be boppin i be hoppin, i be boppin my head to tha mothafuckin bounce, tell the fuckin waitress come gimme another ounce,we smokin on that good and we got it by the pound, i dont know about you, but i could go for another round, lifted n im zooted, yg told me toot it n boot it, so i got these bitches by the stoep and, and they workin for my loot, so i can go on and recoupe, and now im ridin in a coupe, i got my nikkaz yeah my troops, and i be dead if i loose, thats i wear bulletproof, dont wanna die before i can do, cause i ll be damned if i cant do, understand i will really shoot, say it again so you know its the truth…

    I be on another level i be on another level, if you disagree take a good look at the bezzle, the watch is off the chain, the watch match the chain, im braggin with everythang,fuck yo feelins mayne, i be in the lane ,sideswangin, just hangin, pants saggin,colours flaggin, ,puffs n draggin,scheming passin, blunts and acid, thats right them purple dragons…. another level faction…. another level action…. another level rappin….that’s right yeah its wrappin…..


  • Rae

    come to ATLANTA


    harlem stand up

  • nikol

    rap szöveg trippin no more jelaousy everyday everybody everyday

  • Rapzflo SA

    Ridin round lyk stupid,
    My homies getin lucid,
    Going try some new shit,
    Won’ t listen (I use it)
    never mind my new flows,
    Till I die thats (how it goes)
    Test my skills – am patient,
    Going get that mention,
    Too much attention,
    Cash flow in my direction,
    Other things to talk about,
    Crazy shit
    thats what am about,
    Go on forever,
    Without a doubt,
    Lyk six diamond studs in
    twenty fours bars,
    Rapzflo is my name,
    You know am that star!

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  • Vade Arut

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  • Vade Arut

    God had a bathroom with no showwer n a stentch i still cant forget.

  • David clark

    What’s that rap song it goes
    Teacher smoking dope how he gonna teach me

  • Sam L Bowman

    Stay on point

  • Unknown Name

    in the right environment, truth prevails, renews, reviews and then spit it right back to you. so, be more careful what you shove down the throats of innocense frank’ cuz those cents just didn’t make sense did it#`’

    • Unknown Name

      they saaw the penny trick’ blended, shook us, shocked us, tortured us. and then the busies started shaking the bushies out of bed and little red riding hood lost her cape again, if you get the drift~/’
      so, babz had to mop up sum messess in the masses
      and we have now
      there is now perfect formulas, and you wasted all the pilots time2′
      what to do’
      i know, i’ll just toss a sone.t’~’
      looks down, they smiled’
      poopa and momma proud again’

  • larry

    What song has the lyrics she says I’m way to thin she asked me if I’m sick what’s a girl supposed to do whit friends like this

  • Dd

    Ima get rich on you and ima be richer than you cause im on my shit like ! lyrics

  • Dd

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    Who’s your favorite ASAP member

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    here gun shoots rollin all up through the block

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