Deep Purple (Mixtape) Lyrics

Tracklist (click the song title for the lyrics)

  1. Been Around The World
  2. New York Bittersweet Symphony
  3. Purple Swag
  4. Get High (Feat. DEEFERG)
  5. Uptown (Feat. TY Nast, Two Twelve Mel)
  6. Grown Up (With Seth Narley)
  7. Been Around The World (Chopped & Screwed)
  • Asdsadf

    yo who produced each track

  • pritty flako

    crazy shit keep doing wat ya doin

  • Tellz

    Can’t find link with correct info about the songs (Album, Artist name etc..)

  • lordflackobetheshit

    I love you so much rocky man you my idol

  • Lordflackobetheshit

    Yo rocky man this needs to go on iTunes with live love asap man

  • Linda


    awesome songs i downloaded your songs after the reading this lyrics


  • Gems Ratna

    awesome track…rocky rocks!

  • kartik mathur

    Love this track