24th Oct2017

A$AP Rocky Talks New Album, Under Armour Deal, and His Deep Love of Flowers

by @Djordje

Our interview with A$AP Rocky was supposed to take place backstage after an A$AP Mob concert in Philly, in a quiet, empty room, but in the moment, Rocky had a better idea. “We need to capture this chaos right here,” he said, gesturing around his dressing room, still packed with Mob members, girls, security guards, other unidentified loiterers, and even (according to A$AP Ferg, anyway) a loose mouse. “Let’s embrace the chaos,” Rocky suggested. “Rolling Stones in 1967, feel me?”

He took his spot in the middle of a leather couch, surrounded by his old friends from Harlem—Ferg, Nast, Ant, and Twelvyy—and started methodically breaking down a small mound of weed as he spoke in a post-concert rasp. Every so often, he’d tease me for asking so many questions. But some of them he didn’t mind so much: GQ Style had collected them from a few of Rocky’s notable friends and admirers, with a promise of bringing back answers.

The chaos Rakim Mayers attracts is a result of his charisma, which is raw and uncut. It is el puro, perhaps the purest of any star in pop culture—Hollywood, music, fashion, whatever. And given that Rocky’s mom named him and his elder sister, Erika B. Mayers, after Eric B. & Rakim, it was only natural that a kid who seems to crank up the color saturation whenever he walks into a room would channel his God-given wattage into rap music. From the beginning, though, Rocky also established himself as a style innovator and made fashion an inextricable part of his music. In his breakout video, for “Peso,” he repped hard-edged, gothic-leaning streetwear like Black Scale, as well as more established avant-garde fashion like Rick Owens and Y3, while rapping, Raf Simons, Rick Owens usually what I’m dressed in. That was back in 2011, long before he cemented Simons’s unlikely hip-hop-icon status with the song “Raf” this July. It’s not a stretch to say Rocky is partially responsible for making European high fashion as much a part of hip-hop and pop culture as streetwear.

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22nd Oct2017

A$AP Rocky Covers the Holiday Issue of GQ Style

by @Djordje

The World’s Flyest Human. It’s a bold claim. But in the near-decade since A$AP Rocky bounded out of Harlem and landed smack in the center of the music-and-fashion Venn diagram, he’s earned the title. With his million-watt charisma and effortless style, he’s become the most influential dresser in the world—and a steady hitmaker to boot. As Will Welch says in our holiday cover story, “It’s not a stretch to say Rocky is responsible for making European high fashion as much a part of hip-hop and pop culture as streetwear.” For our photo shoot, we interrupted Rocky’s late-night London studio lockdown (he was hard at work on his forthcoming album) for the kind of daring, don’t-try-this-at-home fashion shoot that only Rakim Mayers can pull off. And in a rowdy backstage interview in Philadelphia, Rocky reveals details about his next solo record and his newly-inked Under Armour deal. Plus, with some help from the A$AP Mob, Rocky fields a batch of questions we gathered from Raf Simons, André 3000, Mahershala Ali, and more. Visit GQ Style tomorrow morning to read the interview, check out the cover shoot by photographer Andrew Dosunmu, and see for yourself: A$AP Rocky really is the world’s flyest human. Don’t @ us.

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21st Oct2017

New Music: Ty Dolla $ign – Dawsin’s Breek (Remix) ft. A$AP Rocky

by @Djordje

With his Beach House 3 project on the way, Ty Dolla $ign decides to tease fans with a remix to his single “Dawsin’s Breek” with a new verse from A$AP Rocky.

21st Oct2017

New Music: Maroon 5 – Whiskey ft. A$AP Rocky

by @Djordje

A$AP Rocky drops a verse on Maroon 5’s new song “Whiskey.” Listen below.

21st Oct2017

New Music: Famous Dex – Pick It Up ft. A$AP Rocky

by @Djordje

Famous Dex recruits A$AP Rocky for his latest single “Pick It Up,” produced by FKi1st and Sosa808. Listen to the Complex premiere below.

13th Oct2017

(Video) In Your Face: Interview with A$AP Rocky

by @Djordje

Love, Sex, Dreams. Celebrated rapper A$AP Rocky was interviewed by Lou Stoppard in his hotel room in Shanghai for our confrontational ‘In Your Face’ series. The pair talk everything from Raf Simons, Harlem and the stigma surrounding drug-use, to what it means to be a man in 2017.

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13th Oct2017

New Music: Gucci Mane – Jumped Out The Whip ft. A$AP Rocky

by @Djordje

Gucci drops his new album Mr. Davis, featuring this cut with A$AP Rocky titled “Jumped Out The Whip.” Stream below.

11th Oct2017

Exclusive Look at A$AP Rocky’s Latest GUESS Capsule

by @Djordje

Highsnobiety gives us an exclusive reveal of A$AP Rocky’s latest collaboration with GUESS.

Available in the US and UK on October 19th, the capsule sticks to a palette of sky blue, sand and orange, with a vertical and horizontal striped tee and a white “GUE$$” long sleeve tee as well as a denim jacket.

Check it out below and look for the collection to drop on October 19th in the US and UK.

08th Oct2017

(Video) A$AP Rocky Shows Vogue His Bodega In Selfridges

by @Djordje

This week, A$AP Rocky opened the doors to his AWGE Bodega: a Selfridges pop-up housed in the basement of the London department store. A remarkably accurate replica of the archetypal New York corner store, he is selling everything from AWGE-branded Krispy Kremes and cuddly toys (in homage to the ever-present bodega cat that you might find sleeping on a loaf of bread) to custom-designed stationery, cushions and beverages (alongside, of course, a selection of garments designed by he himself and his AWGE army). And it really is him selling it – intermittently, the multi-hyphenate rapper will appear behind the till, Selfridges name badge pinned to his chest, working the cash register and ringing up sales. Such a position is slightly unfamiliar to him – after all, he says, he might know how to open a till, but he’s never worked behind one – but he seems dedicated to its success.

The final chapter in Selfridges’ initiative Music Matters, which has explored the crossover between luxury fashion and music merch, the AWGE Bodega is an authentic immersion into Rocky’s world — and a celebration of the different communities who come together in such spaces to re-up on sweets and soft drinks. Whether you’re heading down to pick up a branded calculator or a Rocky figurine, take a tour with the man himself to get the lay of the land.

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02nd Oct2017

A$AP Rocky Brings the Classic New York Bodega to Selfridges

by @Djordje

A$AP Rocky is expanding his multi-hyphenate career—to rapper-producer-director-actor-model, he can now add New York City ambassador. The artist has partnered with Selfridges in London to set up a life-size bodega in the department store’s basement, hoping to bring an authentic New York flavor to Oxford Street.

“The bodega is significant because minorities owned it—Hispanics, Arabs, and Koreans,” he says, lounging on a giant bean bag after a long day of stacking boxes and arranging merchandise (150 pieces specially designed for the space). “Outside of New York City, you don’t experience the whole traditional bodega feel. You don’t see cats lying on the bread, or asleep on the rice.” Ultimately, he explains, it’s about inclusion. “Different ethnic minorities coming together and living together cohesively—and this has been going on for decades,” he says. “That’s why I’m bringing this fusion of different cultures, manifested in one AWGE Bodega [named after the creative collective he leads with A$AP Mob]. It is ghetto, but not trashy, which is very true for New York City.”

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01st Oct2017

A$AP Rocky Interview with ES Magazine

by @Djordje

Seven o’clock on a Tuesday morning, and I am standing behind Selfridges on the corner of Duke Street and Edwards Mews.

In front of me, sitting in a shopping trolley that has just been shoved into the middle of the road by one of his crew, laughing his head off as a black cab is forced to come to an abrupt stop, is A$AP Rocky. In front of him is Juergen Teller, snapping away, also grinning at the scene that is developing. At the behest of his subject, Teller will soon also be in a shopping trolley, as will a member of the ES fashion team, joining the orchestrator of this chaos in a three-cart race from one side of the street to the other.

‘That’s lit!’ said orchestrator beams, more than once.

Rewind about half an hour and we are in a meeting room above Selfridges. Rocky, having turned up just before 7am pushing one of those three shopping trolleys (he requested five last night), clasping a hot drink, answers my cursory ‘How’s it going?’ with a sheepish grin and a withered, ‘I’m tired, man’. He has, it transpires, been up for a long time — 48 hours or so — and has come straight from the studio. Later, I will ask the artist responsible for the best single of 2015, ‘LSD’, whether he still likes to take lots of LSD.

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19th Sep2017

New Music: Juicy J – Freaky ft. A$AP Rocky & $uicide Boy$

by @Djordje

Juicy J recruits A$AP Rocky and the $uicide Boy$ for “Freaky” off his new mixtape Highly Intoxicated. Stream below.