15th Feb2018

(Video) VIBE Goes Shopping For Books With A$AP Twelvyy

by @Djordje

VIBE goes shopping for books with A$AP Twelvyy. Watch above.

08th Dec2015

(Video) A$AP Ferg Talks to VIBE at Art Basel 2015

by @Djordje

VIBE caught up with A$AP Ferg at Art Basel 2015 in Miami to talk about his new adidas Skateboarding collaboration and more.

24th Mar2015

(Video) A$AP Ferg Talks About His New Album & Remembering A$AP Yams

by @Djordje

While in Austin for SXSW, A$AP Ferg sat down with Mikey Fresh to talk about his new album and the legacy of A$AP Yams.

01st Jul2014

(Video) A$AP Ferg Gives Tips On How To Perform ‘Under The Influence’

by @Djordje

VIBE caught up with A$AP Ferg on the carpet at the 2014 BET Awards.

11th Sep2013

(Video) VIBE TV: Meet the A$AP Mob

by @DomingoTutu

By now the world has heard of Harlem’s ASAP Rocky. The rapper blast into the scene with his 2011 mixtape Live. Love. ASAP, which was soon followed up by Lords Never Worry, the debut mixtape from his acronym-friendly hip-hop crew ASAP Mob. As the adopted frontman of the Mob, Lord Flacko has continued to rep the crew, taking them on tour and featuring them on his debut LP. Slowly, each ASAP Mob member, beginning with ASAP Ferg who just dropped Trap Lord last month, has begun to branch off and make a name for themselves. Here, VIBE takes a look at all the pieces to the puzzle. Be prepared to hear more of ASAP Yams, ASAP Bari, ASAP Nast, ASAP Ant, ASAP Twelvy and ASAP Snacks with a new ASAP Mob album on the way.


27th Aug2013

(Video) A$AP Ferg & A$AP Yams Talk Upcoming A$AP Mob Album

by @Djordje

The A$AP Mob was rolling deep at this year’s MTV VMA awards. With Rocky leading the pack, A$AP Ferg and A$AP Yams moved quietly through the crowded Brooklyn streets. After all, the red carpet was positioned right on the pavement. While talking to VIBE in an exclusive interview, A$AP Ferg and A$AP Yams confirmed that the A$AP Mobn album will be released on October 15.


08th Dec2012

Mob Ties: Meet A$AP Twelvy

by @Djordje

Coming into the music business with friends that also double as your rap group can be detrimental to those very relationships. Envy and a lack of clarity on what position each member is to play have splintered innumerable crews. A$AP Twelvy is certain about his role within his family, though. More importantly he’s happy to see his brothers basking in the limelight. Whether it’s Rocky touring the world or Ferg, Nast and Addie bodying shows around the country, he’s confident of his upcoming turn. In the mean time he’s content to move as a unit with the rest of the Mob and contribute to Rocky’s upcoming album until his day to rock the spot solo comes. And with several stand out verses on Lords Never Worry plus a dope guest spot with Smoke Dza it’s clear this kid maybe slept on a tad with the patience of a saint. Guess that’s why he’s the Good Goon.

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05th Dec2012

A$AP Rocky Interview with Vibe

by @Djordje

The A.S.A.P. in A$AP Rocky can mean a lot of things. There’s the common break down: As Soon As Possible; the one that incorporates the money sign best: Always Strive and Prosper; the bad-ass definition: Assassinating Snitches and Police; and the Harlem rapper’s personal favorite: Acronym Symbolizing Any Purpose.

A$AP Rocky raps about purple kush and that purple Southern rap elixir on “Purple Swag,” a track off his debut mixtape LiveLoveA$AP. He raps about “Purple Kisses” on the debut A$AP Mob mixtape, ‪Lord$ Never Worry‬, but the 24-year-old had a different purple in mind at VIBE’s recent V-Mix concert. For “Acronym-Symbolizing-Any-Purpose” Rocky, the color “purple” symbolizes his “new revolution” — that everybody “is equal as a generation” and “it’s up to us to stop that racist shit on some real shit.” Check out A$AP Rocky’s serious conversation with VIBE on all things purple backstage at the V-Mix concert, along with footage of his performance with cameos from the rest of the A$AP Mob hip-hop collective and Busta Rhymes.

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03rd Dec2012

Mob Ties: Meet A$AP J. Scott

by @Djordje

The A$AP Mob never stops moving. Every other rap group is always talking about being in the studio, on the grind, or running from meeting to meeting but you never see the output. Not for J. Scott (Snacks) though. Not only is he Rocky and The Mob’s DJ, but he also A&Rs for A$AP Worldwide, DJs/hosts for Baller’s Eve on East Village Radio, manages Kilo Kish and a slew of other artists (We’ll spare you the “at the same damn time” reference). During a recent interview at EVR, Scott gave VIBE some insight into his busy days, how he got his nickname and A$AP slang.

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30th Nov2012

Mob Ties: Meet A$AP Ant

by @Djordje

Rocking out with a mob of your homies has it’s perks. The sheer energy of the collective on stage with you is enough to elevate your confidence and enhance your performance.There is a down side to that, though. For one, it’s hard to distinguish yourself. Your audience may not be able to make the distinction between you and one of your rhyme buddies, lumping you all together. You may have to really work at standing out amongst your counterparts.

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28th Nov2012

Mob Ties: Meet A$AP Nast

by @Djordje

Fresh off the A$AP tour and back in Gotham City, Nast is happy to be back around the way in the hood that gave him his sense of style, his career path and of course his adopted family. Known for his trademark chipped tooth and unique delivery, the kid is plotting on his next moves while reflecting on this past year’s experiences. He’s seen his cousin Rocky who he hung out with as a child grab Rihanna’s ass on stage and he’s been on the road for 61 days performing 47 shows with his cohorts. Eventful year wouldn’t you say?

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26th Nov2012

Mob Ties: Meet A$AP Yams

by @Djordje

You have to appreciate a boss who can lead from behind (ayo). It’s take a special kind of person to allow his counterparts and underlings to shine with minimal interference. A$AP Yams is that type of individual. A true student of the game who used to break night researching the independent thinkers like Tony Draper, J. Prince and even Jim Jones, Yams learned what it would take to get his team into the spotlight and beyond. And a major part of those lessons was to move quietly and deflect attention to one’s product, rather than hogging the camera and the interviews. Too often, the man with the plan has his own agenda for fame. Yams is not that dude.

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