26th Sep2018

(Video) A$AP Twelvyy Narrates VICE Sports “The Way We Ball”

by @Djordje

Watch VICE Sports’ inaugural episode episode for The Way We Ball featuring Joel Embid, narrated by A$AP Twelvyy.

17th Sep2017

(Video) A$AP Twelvyy Guest Appears on Desus & Mero

by @Djordje

A$AP Twelvyy talks about positivity, Halloween, and being an “untraditional New York rapper” with Desus & Mero.

13th Apr2016

(Video) A$AP Twelvyy Visits St. Marks Comics with Noisey

by @Djordje

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.51.48 AM

A$AP Twelvyy shows Noisey around St. Marks Comics in New York City. Watch the full episode here.

03rd Mar2016

(Video) A$AP Ferg on Finding Inspiration Through Tragedy

by @Djordje

In a uniquely candid conversation with VICE Autobiographies, A$AP Ferg talks about his father and how their relationship catalyzed his growth as an artist. VICE follows Ferg to Harlem to watch him express himself on canvas and in the studio.


09th Jul2014

(Video) A$AP Yams Cameo in LNDN DRGS “Uza Trikk” Music Video

by @Djordje

At first blush, LNDN DRGS’s new music video for “Uza Trikk” looks like your typical, by-the-book rap video—there’s a bunch of homies mobbing, a couple fancy cars, and a few random spottings of Gatorade bottles filled with possibly illegal drank. “Uza Trikk” even has A$AP Yams, the behind-the-scene’s leader and official tastemaker of A$AP Mob, talking shit—the unofficial sign that your video matters in the current rap landscape.

But it is what’s going on behind the music that makes this video really pop: a legion of Bloods flooding a Crips neighborhood in LA, a cameo by the creator of crack cocaine Freeway Rick Ross and, possibly the biggest surprise of all, that Jay Worthy—one-half of LNDN DRGS, leader of the hood, the video’s star and the man who brought all of these things together—happens to be the older step-brother to Grimes, the singer behind such safe and sparkly pop tunes as “Oblivion.”

Jay Worthy is the hood’s LinkedIn.

Along with his production partner Sean House, LNDN DRGS have developed a new West Coast sound beyond the ass-slapping minimalism of fellow West LA natives DJ Mustard and radio-ready rappers like YG. LNDN DRGS is the smooth, cool, calm, and collected counterpart to the hip-hop drum-and-bass-heavy scene, and they’ve brought along fellow up-and-comers Earl Swavey and BG Perico to show their worth. It’s a throwback sound made current with Jay’s very ratchet rhymes. Pour up some bubbly and get familiar. The full album will be here by September.

Premiered via VICE.

01st Jul2014

(Video) A$AP Ferg Explains the Meaning of Success

by @Djordje

Look to no one other than Ferg for the definition of success. But how’d he get there? He takes to Brisk’s Rap PSA program to explain, and it’s pretty simple: surround yourself with successful people, and laugh a lot. Just. Laugh. And then go take a nap.

Via Noisey.

08th Dec2013

(Video) 4 Wheelin’ with A$AP TyY

by @Djordje

While most people navigate the concrete jungle known as New York via foot, car, or taxi, some choose a much more exciting means, dirtbikes. While riding any dirtbike or atv is illegal in NYC, it hasn’t stopped thousands of bikers from riding the streets as if they weren’t. At the forefront of what seems to be one of NYC’s biggest nuisances is a kid by the name of A$AP TyY who’s a part of the infamous ASAP conglomerate that’s taking over everything from music to fashion and now bikes. Watch as Vice editor Angelina Fanous gets to witness firsthand how TyY and a few other riders navigate the city on a daily basis.

Via KicksTV.

15th Jul2013

(Photos) A$AP Ferg & A$AP Nast in London

by @Djordje


Hip-hop is having a renaissance right now in the city of New York, where it seems like every other day a new MC rises up out of the five boroughs with an even more unique style and approach to the music than what we thought was possible before. Motley crews like the A$AP Mob, the Beast Coast, and World’s Fair have given us a reason to love rhymes again. We’ve written a lot about this stuff, but sometimes words don’t do it justice. So, we’ve linked up with scene insider Verena Stefanie Grotto to document the new New York movement as it happens in real time, with intimate shots of rappers, scenesters, artists, and fashion fiends.

This week, Verena wasn’t in New York City. Instead, she was in London with Harlem-bred rappers A$AP Ferg and A$AP Nast. Verena’s pictures highlight the energy of an A$AP Mob show overseas and and showcase what it’s like shopping with the Trap Lord in London’s Soho shopping district.

Via Vice.

25th Feb2013

(Photos) VICE: A$AP Mob Live in NYC

by @Djordje


VICE has supported the A$AP Mob, the Flatbush Zombies, and the whole New New York hip-hop movement from jump. We’ve written so many damn articles and shot so many damn videos about these guys and what they’re doing, we’ve kind of run out of shit to say for right now. So, when we heard Rocky, Ferg, and the rest of the A$AP Mob would be rocking Brooklyn’s Public Assembly with Bodega Bamz and the Flatbush Zombies for Scion AV’s Open Mic event, we figured it’d be best to just send fancy photographer Don Brodie to the show to snap some choice pics.



30th Jan2013

(Video) Noisey Raps: The LongLiveA$AP Tour

by @Djordje

For the first episode of Noisey Raps, Noisey host Wilbert L. Cooper got unreal access to the LONGLIVEA$AP Tour, featuring performances by A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, and Danny Brown and interviews with DJ A-Trak, Action Bronson, the Flatbush Zombies, and the Underachievers.

Via Noisey.

14th Aug2012

A$AP Ant & Young Shaka Interview with Vice

by @Djordje

When you say “Baltimore” in front of white people, they immediately think of the Wire—which is great to torrent and watch on your computer in eight hour sessions, but would be kind of scary to actually live through. But the truth is, real life in B-more might actually be gully-er than fiction, and MCs A$AP Ant and Young Shaka have lived it. The two hip hop diplomats of that infamous city are using their music to paint a picture that shows both the dark and the beautiful sides of the town known for its high murder rates and killer blue crab cuisine.

A$AP Ant is the only member of the Harlem-based A$AP Mob who’s not actually from NYC. He and Young Shaka have been close since middle school, hustling drugs before they moved on to hustling music. We first heard from the duo back in June when they dropped their first single, “Summer Nights,” off their yet-to-be released collaborative mixtape. Now they’re back again with a music video for the summer anthem, “On Sight.” This time around Ant has stepped off the mic and put himself in the director’s chair, while Young Shaka has taken center stage as the sole MC on the track.

We got on the phone with Ant and Young Shaka to discuss their forthcoming mixtape, ghetto life in B-more, and what exaclty “on sight” means.

Continue reading on Vice.
23rd Jan2012

(Video) ASAP Rocky – Wassup

by @Djordje

Harlem rap sensation A.$.A.P Rocky just teamed up with global media sensation VICE after a chance meeting with Global Editor Andy Capper at the Vice office in Brooklyn. Rocky pitched a vision of a video to Andy which took elements from his five favorite movies, namely Scarface, Belly, Enter The Dragon, The Warriors and, of course, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Without further ado, we bring you “Wassup.”

Directors: A$AP Rocky and Andy Capper
Director of Photography: Jake Burghart
Executive Producer: Suroosh Alvi
Track Produced by Clams Casino
Projections: Matthew Caron
Set Design: Olga Miasnikova, Austin Willis, Kristof Wickman
Lighting: Brad Marro, Jason DeJesus
Body paint:Justin West
Assistants: Erin Carr, Adam Gong, Bernardo Garcia, Bryan Locke
Special thanks to: Ciel Hunter, Annette Lamothe-Ramos, Geno Sims, Bryan Leach and A.$.A.P Mob Worldwide