05th Jun2018

(Photos) A$AP Rocky Takes W Mag Behind-The-Scenes of Gucci’s Cruise Show

by @Djordje

The Gucci Cruise 2019 show certainly didn’t skimp on the dramatics. There was a fire-encased runway, a soundtrack of funeral music, and models accessorized with oversize crosses and blooming bouquets of flowers. And, of course, setting the scene for it all was the backdrop: the South of France city of Arles’s Alyscamps burial ground, which is a large Roman necropolis—or, in layman’s terms, a giant cemetery.

All in all, it would not have looked out of place on an episode of Game of Thrones. Or, according to A$AP Rocky, who attended the show in Arles, a certain other pop culture fantasy world. “It felt like I teleported to another world type shit. Each look told a different story,” said Rocky. “My favorite piece was the black leather puffer; I need that right away. Also, the cloaks were amazing. I might need one of those, too, when I’m on my Harry Potter shit.”

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23rd Jul2017

A$AP Ferg Talks New AGOLDE Denim Capsule with W Magazine

by @Djordje

The 28-year-old rapper A$AP Ferg is perhaps best known as a member of the notorious New York rap group, the A$AP Mob, with his own hit singles like “Shabba” and “New Level,” as well as his most recent album, East Coast, which dropped this spring. And while he and his peers like A$AP Rocky have publicly demonstrated their love for high-fashion designers like Raf Simons as well as a knack for successful brand collaborations, Ferg in particular is dead serious about his side-hustle as a designer and style savant.

Since January 2016, A$AP Ferg and the Los Angeles-based denim brand AGOLDE have been bridging East and West with collaborative capsule collections, the second of which will be available at The Webster on July 20th and AGOLDE.com starting July 27th. The lookbook was shot with Ferg’s longtime friends on his home turf of Hamilton Heights in Harlem, New York, which is where he called W magazine from one afternoon this summer.

What are some of your regular Harlem spots?
Red Rooster is one of my favorite spots in Harlem, and Melba’s is another restaurant I go to. It’s great place for food, culture, drinks, and lounges are really big.

Has growing up in Harlem influenced your style?
Yes, Harlem gave me a lot of sauce—that’s what we call it. It gave me confidence; we were taught to walk with our heads up. If we were broke, you couldn’t tell. We were very good at hiding the fact that we were poor people because we dressed so nicely.

This is your second collection for Agolde. How did you first get involved?
I was linked with them through Scott Lipps, who is a good friend of mine. I was able to come in and basically be an intern for a week. I worked nine-to-five just learning; it wasn’t glamorous at all. It was denim-making 101, from different zippers to washes. I got to meet all the employees and they showed me laser machines you could only get in Turkey, tumbler machines that use rocks to make jeans look more worn, sandblasters—I was like a kid in a candy store.

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15th Apr2017

Meet Playboi Carti, the Next Atlanta Rap Prodigy to Take Fashion By Storm

by @Djordje

Playboi Carti is rarely at a loss for words. Publicly, the young rapper projects a sense of perpetual ease. But this wasn’t that. “That was one of my happiest moments…” he began, before trailing off. He flipped his braids back and ran a hand through them pensively, revealing the birthmark on his left cheek, which has become a trademark. “I was broke as f—! I didn’t have anything growing up. I was wearing whatever I had. And then…”

He was having a hard time recounting the occasion when A$AP Rocky, his mentor and frequent collaborator, brought him to New York Fashion Week this February. That’s where Rocky introduced him to Raf Simons at his debut Calvin Klein show. “I met Raf! Not even like some streetwear designer, but Raf!” Carti shook his head.

It was a crowning moment that capped off everything good that’s befallen Carti over the last few years, from signing with A$AP Worldwide (with co-signs from Drake and Kanye) to emerging as Atlanta’s next big thing to, one day last week, sitting on the 24th floor of One World Trade Center, the New York skyline laid below him.

Still only 21, Playboi Carti, born Jordan Carter, has never released a full-length project. He started rapping in earnest only about three years ago as a high schooler, and has already been featured on a handful of tracks by Gucci Mane, Lil Uzi Vert, and his A$AP Mob family. But unlike his contemporaries Uzi and Lil Yachty, who constantly churn out mixtapes and loosie singles, Carti’s musical output has been remarkably scant. Still, he boasts over half a million followers on Instagram and a fan base so rabid and obsessive that Carti’s comments section has turned into a battleground of sorts, with fans alternatively pleading for new music (“DROP A F—ING TAPE I LOVE YOU”), and berating him for never releasing (“I been waiting like 8 years for this tape. What if I die and never get to hear it?”).

“My fans try to troll me,” Carti said warily, even though he likes to playfully troll them right back. For example, he made the cover of his highly-anticipated debut project supposedly titled Cash Carti, a collage of angry fan comments. Then, last week, he threw gas on the fire with a mysterious countdown clock on his website, ticking down to Friday, April 14. Would it finally be #CartiSeason? Or was this simply another Carti ruse? Is it even an album?

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17th Feb2013

A$AP Rocky Interview With W Magazine

by @DomingoTutu

asap rocky terry richardson

Harlem-born MC A$AP Rocky, who released his debut album “LongLiveASAP” last month, is about as well-versed in fashion as he is in the rap game. This is a guy, after all, who rhymes Dolce & Gabbana with Balenciaga, stars in Alexander Wang’s new collection video, and is reportedly dating the model Chanel Iman. You might have noticed his Instagrams for W—he took a few pics while front-row at Y-3. Here, he gives us the fashion low-down.

What was the first designer item you bought?
A pair of 2008 Marc Jacobs white/gray hi-top sneakers.

What was the last?
A sweater from Phillip Lim.

What’s your favorite item in your closet right now?
My Bathing Ape jacket.

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