ASAP Rocky Interview with The Smoking Section

admin / 06 Dec, 2011

When you’re 23 and have turned a budding, underground rap career into a deal fit for Forbes, the intrigue is assumed. Yet, when it comes to Harlem’s ultra-hyped A$AP Rocky, the lure lies beneath the headlines. Think, for one minute, you had just seen your wildest dreams come to fruition. Now, imagine how you would handle yourself, as the opinions and expectations of others’ flooded in about the new found position of power, before you even had time unveil your motives. Would you maintain your momentum and stand behind your game plan? Or, would you buckle under the pressure and succumb to your surroundings?

Fresh off the release of his LiveLoveA$AP project and a tour with two of hip-hop’s most talked-about names, the new face of New York lets TSS Crew’s BEWARE pick the brain behind his brand, in search of A$AP’s answers to the questions above. If you were impressed by his momentum before, wait until you understand the mind behind the movement and motivation needed to ensure his success sees the next level.

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