A$AP Yams Interview with Disrespectful Radio

admin / 24 May, 2012

On Episode 6 of Disrespectful Radio, their very special guest was none other than A$AP Yams. As recent as last year, Yams was likely your favorite blogger’s favorite blogger with his hilarious and thorough Real N**** Tumblr. The site was the first place A$AP Rocky was spotted online, and shortly thereafter Yams and his mob-affiliate Rocky left the blog world for greener pastures. Now on the road with Rocky, and playing a major part in the A$AP Mob, Yams has bigger fish to fry — but not too big to chat with his homies at Disrespectful Radio.

Tune in as we discuss a slew of topics, from Harlem rap, to breaking the A$AP Mob, to Master P, to jumping in the crowd and having to serve kids at SXSW. Hilarity obviously ensues…

via FakeShoreDrive.