Twelve Bar Sessions x A$AP Twelvy

admin / 07 Jun, 2012

Always Strive and Prosper. That’s a pretty accurate reflection of the meteoric rise of the entire A$AP Mob. We’ve been watching the rise for a while now, along with half the world since the mob emerged fully formed onto the scene midway through last year. There is no doubting that here are a crew that are firmly part of the new movement in hip-hop, that wave of massive talent currently sweeping the music we love, and that they are a group of genuine stars.

And it should come as no surprise that we have a particular inclination toward the man who shares our name (or at least part of it). A$AP Twelvy, repping the 212 hard, and bringing mad flows to his part of the game. In fact if you haven’t heard his ’12Unleashed’ cut you are missing out on one of the finest slices of hip-hop this year. A supporter of Twelve Bar from the off, we’re cooking up some marvelous shit to get your mouth watering with him and the whole A$AP Mob, now calling LA their second home. They are welcome. And you are welcome to Twelvy’s take on the Twelve from the Twelve Bar. Numbers game.

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