(Video) A$AP Twelvy Interview with BlowHipHopTV

admin / 25 Jul, 2012

Just two bars into his introduction to the world on LiveLoveAsap’s “Trilla”, Twelvyy makes a simple, yet prolific statement “going broke is not an option / always on that cashflow.” realizing for many of us, opportunities come far and few between. While getting money is a trait that has become rather cliché for Harlem emcees throughout the years, the go-getter nature is truly exemplified in the most vocal member of the ASAP Mob. In a movement that has quickly gained the support and momentum of millions, success is the only option. To credit Yams, the mastermind behind Harlem’s newest trill wave, ASAP is all about accumulating status and power. It’s quiet for anything else.

When you’re mob-affiliated there’s one thing that needs to always be kept in mind; family comes first. Most may know Twelvyy as Rocky’s onstage right-hand who gets the crowd turned up from city to city. Having played his respective role to advance the progression of the ASAP brand, Twelvyy is now ready to assume the spotlight that has been on bubbling on his horizion. Reflecting the diverse skillsets of his brothers, hypeman is just one of the many roles that Twelvyy plays in order to move the team forward. After witnessing his solo performance during Rocky’s set it quickly becomes clear, that Twelvyy’s growing buzz and on-going notoriety from publications such as Complex, is much deserved.

Since the release of LiveLoveAsap in October of 2011, Twelvyy has already jet setted all over the world from Montreal, Quebec, to Beijing, China in less than a year. “I don’t want to do anything but rap and travel,” Twelvyy stresses. It is evident that branding the label as “ASAP Worldwide” was a powerful move in itself, as it has foreshadowed the group’s global presence. Thriving off the shared success of his comrades, Twelvyy now finds himself at the threshold of stardom as he is currently working on a wide array of projects. Most recently Twelvyy has been featured on Smoke DZA’s “Game 7,” and is poised to keep lighting it up through the 4th quarter of 2012 with the release of the ASAP Mob’s collaborative album. Having the foresight to know the real nature of this ever-shifting, here today gone tomorrow rap industry, Twelvyy proclaims that “ASAP is here to last. ASAP is here to win.” Be on the lookout for ASAP Twelvyy’s single entitled “YNRE” dropping sooner than you think!

Via BlowHipHopTV.