A$AP Mob in Complex’s Most Stylish Rap Crews

admin / 01 Oct, 2012

Harlem’s A$AP Mob made their expensive tastes known from the moment they arrived on the scene. Name-dropping designers Rick Owens and Raf Simons on the seminal track “Pe$o,” A$AP Rocky scalded style-minded rap fans’ ears from jump before appearing with Jeremy Scott on the cover of Complex. A couple of years later, and it’s evident that this crew’s putting their money where their taste is at.

Favoring a mix of high-end designers with a dark side and streetwear labels like Black Scale, Jordans, and custom Nike Destroyers, they championed a high/low “street goth” look that continues to develop a following. Meanwhile, Rocky has developed relationships with designers like Scott and Alexander Wang, ensuring his spot as rap’s new high-fashion ambassador. “Good taste is important in hip-hop,” Rocky explained in his first cover story. “I wake up saying I’m going to look the best I can and do what the fuck I want to do. And that’s what it’s all about.” Are we clear?

Via Complex.