(Video) A$AP Rocky Interview with Hardknock.TV: Part 2

admin / 02 Nov, 2012

Part 2 starts with Rocky talking to Nick Huff Barili about going from Harlem to Soho. In the midst of talking about the two places that shape who he is, Rocky breaks down how he used to be homophobic before he got exposed to gay people in the fashion world. He also explains how the ASAP crew got into a lot of fights because people didn’t understand what they stood for. Rocky explains that people need to raise above the negativity to see that we have more in common and he goes on to say that we should all have interracial babies so the next generation will be even more mixed. As the interview continues Rocky talks about living in homeless shelters with his Mother and Sister for a while. Because he was embarrassed at the time, he would tell his friends that he was on punishment when they would ask to come over. Looking back Rocky is proud of having gone through that because it shapes who he is. He exlains that not having money for lunch or to go to movies along with not being able to get a job lead him to dealing drugs. The interview ends with Rocky talking about how the passing of his older brother affected him. Saying that he wanted to be just like him and that he was mad a God when his brother passed away. Rocky has since become closer to God and attributes his bother looking out for him from above for all the success he has be able to accomplish. Last but not least, Rocky talks about how he was influenced by Geto Boys, UGK, DJ Screw, Swisha House and the rest of the TX sound.

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Via Hardknock.TV.