Mob Ties: Meet A$AP Twelvy

admin / 08 Dec, 2012

Coming into the music business with friends that also double as your rap group can be detrimental to those very relationships. Envy and a lack of clarity on what position each member is to play have splintered innumerable crews. A$AP Twelvy is certain about his role within his family, though. More importantly he’s happy to see his brothers basking in the limelight. Whether it’s Rocky touring the world or Ferg, Nast and Addie bodying shows around the country, he’s confident of his upcoming turn. In the mean time he’s content to move as a unit with the rest of the Mob and contribute to Rocky’s upcoming album until his day to rock the spot solo comes. And with several stand out verses on Lords Never Worry plus a dope guest spot with Smoke Dza it’s clear this kid maybe slept on a tad with the patience of a saint. Guess that’s why he’s the Good Goon.

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