Hypebeast Essentials: A$AP Illz

@DomingoTutu / 16 Jan, 2013

hypebeast essential asap illz

According to Illijah Ulanga, 2005 marks the year that a group of friends came together and formed that most talked-about crew of 2012: A$AP Mob. Conceptualized by A$AP Yams, a quick-witted sage who remains the driving force behind A$AP, the squad began as a humble three-man crew that included Yams, A$AP Bari, and the aforementioned Ulanga, whom now prefers his pseudonym, A$AP Illz. As an OG A$AP member, Illz has seen all of its growth, from the addition of new members such as A$AP Ferg, A$AP Ant, A$AP Twelvy and of course, A$AP Rocky, whom according to Illz was one of the latter additions to the Harlem-based tribe around 2007. Despite their recent successes, when you consider the original ages of its current members (15, 16 and 17 for most), it’s evident that A$AP wasn’t conceived as a master branding plan but was really just a simple identifying marking for a group of genuine teenaged friends.

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