i-D Magazine: The Alphabetical Issue x A$AP Rocky

admin / 06 Feb, 2013



A$AP Rocky is the pretty muthafucka who reps Harlem and we heart him hard. Whether rocking Raf Simons or rapping with Ri-Ri, the 24 year-old is as at home on the catwalk as he is behind the mic. An adventurous and ambitious aesthetic ensures that A$AP (Acronym Symbolising Any Purpose) is your favourite hipster’s favourite hipster. Confident – “Only thing bigger than my ego is my mirror”, pragmatic – “Ain’t got no pot to piss in, sink full of dishes,” this handsome rapper and director reps strictly for the streets. For every mention of girls and guns expect a counterbalance of more meaningful metaphors; his mum and metrosexuality all make regular appearances in his mellifluous metaphors. If you haven’t heard Rocky, you need to. A$AP.

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