Life+Times Interviews A$AP Rocky

@DomingoTutu / 04 Feb, 2013

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With his highly anticipated debut album, Long.Live.A$AP finally released and selling 139,000 copies in its opening week and landing at the coveted number one spot, A$AP Rocky continues his winning streak, pushing himself and his A$AP Mob crew even further to the forefront.

Life+Times caught up with Harlem-bred Rocky, aka Rakim Mayers during a recent promo trip to London to discuss the great response to his debut album, touring, misconceptions, and inspirations.

Life + Times: Congratulations on the success of the album thus far. Are you happy with the response you have been receiving?
A$AP Rocky
: Hell yeah, yo! I’ve been told what the critics are saying and I haven’t heard anything bad yet. But you can’t please everybody anyway. I just try my best to please me.

L+T: When the single “Fuckin’ Problems” was released, Tyler, The Creator took to Twitter and said “So funny when someone releases a new song with the same four people that we expected to be on it with the same shitty “Trap” beat Hahaha.” What did you think of that?
A$AP Rocky
: He has his opinions and he’s entitled to them, so it’s whatever. Hell no, I’m not tripping over what Tyler, The Creator said. I’m Jiggy.

L+T: “Fuckin Problems” does hit hard in the club. especially the Kendrick Lamar line….
A$AP Rocky
: [RAPS] “Girl, you know you want this dick!”

L+T: How upset were you about the leak of the album?
A$AP Rocky
: At first. A lot. I can’t lie. But then when I started seeing the great responses I was like… “Fine!” We still got to number one. My mom thought that the leak would affect the sales and if I’m honest, it did affect sales but how do you still manage to be number one? It leaked over a month early too. That’s fucking crazy! It just goes to show people really fuck with ya boy out here. My mom downloaded the album illegally by the way.

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