A$AP Ferg Interview in Complex’s June/July Issue

@DomingoTutu / 23 May, 2013


I used to be a daredevil on BMX bikes. I could wheelie from 143rd [Street] to 125th going downhill, with one hand, and put my foot over the handlebars. My specialty was the six o’clock wheelie, where the bike went straight up and my back damn near touched the ground. I wasn’t scared. People who are scared don’t live life. They look up to people who are doing what they want to do. I’m relevant because I fill a void for people who aren’t doing what they want to do in life.

I always shout out my dad. My artistic roots come from him. He had his own T-shirt company and taught me the trade. He knew a lot of the people I run into today, like Puffy. He was in a crew called Same Gang that ran Harlem, like A$AP does now. He died of kidney failure, from breathing in all that plastisol paint. I could be like, “How am I ever going to fill my pop’s shoes?” But in my eyes, I’m becoming better than him, accomplishing things he didn’t get a chance to. He would want that.

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