(Video) A$AP Ferg Interview with Hard Knock TV Part 2

@DomingoTutu / 15 Jun, 2013

Part 2 of our interview starts with Asap Ferg talking to Nick Huff Barili and April Bombai about how New York rappers dont support each other like Southern rappers do. “There are a lot of artists out there that still get jealous of the youth…Man why not take us under your wing? What you don’t know how to?” say Ferg. “Im a fan of Hip Hop in general. I don’t want to hurt nobody, take food out of nobody’s month… Treat us with the same respect…We just trying to learn the ropes…I don’t want you to pass the torch, lets make money together.”

Ferg touches on other topics including what it means to be a Young Lord, continuing his fathers legacy and getting into abstract painting to help deal with his Father passing away. Asap Ferg also talks about his crush on Selena and how he thinks she should be revered as an incon as much as Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson. “I feel like she deserves it as much a Michael Jackson” says Ferg.

Via HardKnockTV.