Hypebeast Essentials: A$AP Josh

admin / 08 Jul, 2013


Coming forth for this installment of Essentials is A$AP Mob‘s very own A$AP Josh, also known as A$AP Jiggy Josh. The soft-spoken, Harlem-based designer and stylist joined us for a rooftop chat in the heart of Tokyo to go over a few items that he carries on the regular. Josh’s appreciation for fashion can be seen throughout the myriad of distinguished items — many of which share the common shade of black — and give hints at some of the design projects he has in store for us in the near future. Amongst the keepsakes you can find a very rare pair of all-black Rick Owens Geobasket sneakers complete with custom ripple soles, a necklace from Josh and A$AP Bari’s V.LONE line, a sample Pyrex snapback, a time-honored Metallica T-shirt, and a custom A$AP NSW Destroyer jacket to rep the Mob wherever he may be.

Via Hypebeast.