Hypebeast Essentials: A$AP Nast

admin / 17 Jul, 2013


Our comrades over at HYPETRAK recently caught up with A$AP Mob during their Tokyo incursion. The interview, led by A$AP Nast, showed the Mob’s recent endeavors alongside Nast’s tongue-in-cheek persona. With the rise of Rocky and Ferg, Nast is another bright light to follow, not afraid to display his ardent uptown flow across freestyles and drowsy, bass-led instrumentals. While his street-bred lyrics are synonymous to the raw New York aesthetics donned by a number of contemporaries, his Essentials displays a scarce yet exquisite selection of goods he opts to hold close. Like the rest of his cohort, A$AP Nast’s affinity for fashion is exhibited in his choice for seminal streetwear brands; Jordan 1s and A Bathing Ape snapback. His inclination for design is reflected in the customized SR Backpack he carries — made with black leather, snakeskin and gold accents — a harmonious pairing with his two gold chains. Employing a Bapex for time telling and a passport for international shows, these are the necessities needed for one of A$AP’s most underrated rhymesayers.

Via Hypebeast.