Hypebeast Essentials: A$AP Ant

admin / 12 Aug, 2013


Known for his hard-hitting approach to hip-hop, Harlem via Baltimore rapper A$AP Ant‘s raspy city-bred demeanor furthers A$AP Mob‘s upfront traits in music and fashion. Aptly merging a distinct New York rawness with the syrupy sounds of the South in his delivery, Ant’s compelling flow has harnessed collaborations with the likes of Bodega Bamz and Flatbush Zombie, proving the 20-year-old as a force to be reckoned with. With his feet firmly planted in the new wave of hip-hop, we were enticed to see what Ant carried in his Essentials. Matching his A Bathing Ape hoodie and Jordan Vs with a Dipset fitted cap, Ant shows his affinity for the seminal streetwear staples while paying homage to the iconic Harlem-based rap group. Cast your eyes over his Essentials above and let us know your thoughts below.

Via Hypebeast.