“Trillmatic” Review by Renowned for Sound

admin / 21 Dec, 2013


Creativity is a strange thing.  It comes in all shapes and sizes and people work with it in different ways, some people feel more comfortable on their own, others as part of a group.  A$AP Mob have taken this one step further and created a hip-hop collective, which not only features talented rappers such as A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg, but fashion designers, video directors and producers.  This gives them what any respectful artist craves, the freedom to do whatever the hell they want.

With this in mind, new single Trillmatic shows A$AP Mob revisiting the 90s with an all out throwback track transporting you to a time when hip-hop was taking a firm grasp on the world, reminding the listener what a golden age it was for the genre.

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