A$AP Mob Interview with hustleGRL

admin / 10 Jan, 2014


Since releasing their latest project Lords Never Worry, A$AP Mob has proven that if boy bands did not stand the test of time, a Mob will. From the looks of it, they have the right formula. The group is made up of many talented individuals from designers to rappers to producers and managers. Each member plays a vital role. When asked what might get a member kicked out of the group, each member proceeded to shout “doing too much!” Apparently, they will not hesitate to hand out a DTM Award.

This time last year they recalled being fresh off tour. A$AP Ferg gratefully added “It is a blessing to be currently touring.” For many artists, touring is where majority of their income comes from. Although less than half of the mob was present, their energy levels made up for the missing parties.

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