A$AP P Interview with Elite Daily

admin / 07 Apr, 2014


Individuality is hard to come by in today’s day and age. Individuality is even harder to come by, today, in the music world.

This shouldn’t be too shocking to anyone.

The music industry, as a whole, is manipulated by which fad is in this week, and which fad is old news by the next.

One week we’re urged to “pop, lock and drop it,” and the next week, Miley Cyrus has a f*cking foam finger by her underwear, introducing us to the power of the latest awesome dance move, the “twerk.” Last week, Avicii was cool (by the standard of the EDM world). This week, Avicii is “a product of mainstream raver losers.”

See, that’s the power of individuality within an artist. It’s timeless. Hendrix will always be Hendrix. There can be no replacement.

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