A$AP Rocky Covers The Girls + Boys Issue of i-D Magazine

admin / 06 Aug, 2014


It’s an incredibly exciting time to be alive. The internet and social media have had a revolutionary impact on the way we interact, socialise, work and play, and as a result given rise to one of the most exciting and creative periods of recent decades. In The Girls + Boys Issue of i-D we explore what it means for boys and girls, like ourselves, growing up today. Splitting the issue down the middle, model of the moment Leona ‘Binx’ Walton heads up the GIRLS, while fashion’s favourite rapper A$AP Rocky heads up the BOYS.

With a number one album under his belt and two more on the way, A$AP Rocky is fast cementing his position as one of the musical voices of his generation. We hang out with the Harlem born rapper to discuss his new albums and the ever-progressive ways in which the digital world continues to shape our generation and beyond. “There are so many visionaries coming out of our time, it’s amazing,” A$AP enthuses. “We have the tools at our fingertips to do anything we want. It’s beautiful.”

A greater awareness and acceptance of people from all walks of life is one of the most positive and vital outcomes of our increasingly connected world. In her first commission for i-D, journalist, presenter and transgender rights activist Paris Lees celebrates the rise in transgender models, singers and spokespeople on television and in magazines. We also explore sexuality in a modern world, and rejoice in the news that many LGBT boys and girls in the Western world no longer feel outcast but accepted. Young feminist voices such as Petra Collins, Karley Sciortino, Phoebe Collings-James and Arvida Byström are harnessing the digital space to bring about a new sense of female empowerment. While NY artist and photographer Michael Bailey Gates proves that only, “aggressive thinkers with courage are what create change.”

The new faces in this issue spend anywhere between two and a whopping twenty hours a day on social media(!). For Tyler the Creator, it’s too much, but for others it inspires and influences everthing they do. We also catch up with two young starlets and one young designer on the cusp of great things; Emma Roberts and Emily Browning, and Jacquemus.

I’ll leave it to A$AP Rocky to conclude: “How would I describe our generation? Mother-fucking awesome!” We couldn’t agree more.

Via i-D Magazine.