A$AP Ferg Covers RESPECT Magazine

admin / 06 Jun, 2016


It is evident that A$AP Ferg isn’t the same person we were first introduced to back in 2010. The rough exterior layers of the Trap Lord have been shaved off with time, and we have found ourselves face to face with a regular human being. A 27-year-old man with flaws, emotions and transparency, Ferg has revealed who Darold Ferguson, Jr. is on Always Strive and Prosper. And with him comes his family, his artistry and A$AP Mob — all factors here to stay. You wanted to get to know A$AP Ferg? Pay attention.

“I want to put her in a better [situation], because if her son were here, he would be trying to do the same thing. And I feel like I owe her that because she brought him into this world, and without him I probably wouldn’t even be rapping. Yams was the one who had the vision for all of this to happen.” Ferg’s relationship with A$AP Yams’ mother is new, but the bond is strong. Their love for the same person brought them together, but it has become about more than just Yams.
“I met her at his funeral. She had his phone, so when he passed, she went through all his texts and seen what we were talking about. She was like, ‘He really loved you,’ and ever since then, we’ve been building, and she considers me her son. I love that lady like a mom, for real.”

As he talks about Yams and his mother, you can feel the admiration Ferg has for both of them. And as the words flow out, you understand more and more how much he feels he owes to Yams: his career. The “Yammy Gang” track on Ferg’s newest album brings Yams and his mom together once again as the Mob raps about the legacy he has left behind and his mom promises to keep it alive. “This is for all my beautiful people around the world. My son was a genius. I wanna continue his legacy,” states Tatiana Paulino at the end of the track.

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