(Video) REMIX FASHION: A Zalando Film ft. A$AP Rocky

admin / 05 Mar, 2017

Watch the story unfold as hotel director, REMIX icon and musician A$AP Rocky welcomes his new guests with an unexpected treat: The wardrobes of our top models Julia Nobis, Kris Gottschalk, Jourdan Dunn and Andreea Diaconu’s are about to undergo a major creative twist, with Rocky inspiring them to REMIX the hottest styles this spring.

This spring is all about remixing favourite brands from high to low and creating your very own look.
To fuel your inspiration, Zalando presents a unique world where fashion fuses with music. Meet REMIX style icon and musician A$AP Rocky, alongside top models Julia Nobis, Kris Gottschalk, Jourdan Dunn, and Andreea Diaconu – in a remixing party unlike any the fashion world has seen before.

Via Zalando.