Marty Baller Shares His Sneaker Rotation with Nice Kicks

admin / 25 Jul, 2017

If you’ve seen Marty Baller live you know he lives in the moment, but make no mistake he has big plans. “I can’t wait to go to Paris on October 6th, my birthday. I’m gonna shop ’til I drop out there,” the Harlem native says excitedly. Energetic and fashionable, the A$AP affiliate has been staying busy making his own moves and his own music with an international tour booked and visions of turn-up already imaged. “Off the new tape I would love to play ‘First Quarter’ live. I need the whole big stage, the lights, the band. It’s gonna be a movie and I need everybody out there interacting.”

Catching up with Marty prior to his tour and on the heels of the release of his Baller Nation mixtape, we found out which kicks of his are getting the most burn these days for the latest My 5.

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