A$AP Ferg Interview with Highsnobiety

admin / 17 Aug, 2017

At the top of 2016, A$AP Ferg divulged the uncertainty surrounding his next move following the release of his sophomore LP, Always Strive and Prosper. The eclectic, self-reflective soundscape landmarked a risk taking conceptual shift in his catalogue, revealing a place where honesty, humor, and exuberant charm coexisted in harmony. For Ferg, it was the album he always dreamt of making, but as effortlessly as the album was delivered to the masses last spring, it was also a tough learning lesson for the MC willing to sacrifice everything for his art.

Now, a year later, Ferg is back at the drawing board and analyzing the ins and outs of Always Strive and Prosper’s successor: a mixtape aptly titled Still Striving. Having solidified himself as an artist unafraid to push boundaries and bare his truth, Ferg is unlike many artists for the simple fact that he’s far from jaded, and looking no further than three letters to sum up the approach of his new work: f-u-n.

Below, A$AP Ferg muses over his latest creation, and how the initial enjoyment and passion for music that has carried his career this far is still alive and well.

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