(Video) A$AP Twelvyy Interview with Highsnobiety

admin / 17 Aug, 2017

A$AP Twelvyy‘s debut has been a long time coming. After literal years in the works, the Mob-member blessed us with the aptly-titled 12 at the top of the month. We were into it, particularly into how Twelvyy was able to craft such a nuanced portrait of the city that raised that him without relying on pure nostalgia-driven dribble. He’s had ample growth opportunities in his time with the Mob, and on his first full-length, it really shows.

And though there are plenty of moments to choose from that demonstrate Twelvyy personally engaging with the listener, we were craving a bit more. So we caught up with the rapper shortly after 12‘s release to discuss crafting the record, his subtle indie-rock affiliations and which of the Mob’s members he would take out for ice cream. Read our chat below.

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