A$AP Ant Wants To Be The Kanye West of Baltimore

admin / 17 Oct, 2017

Ask Adam Kirkman when he got into fashion, and he’ll tell you he’s always been “fresh.”

The 24-year-old Baltimorean grew up admiring the skaters who frequented city streets as well as the sneakers at Gentei, a now-defunct streetwear store off Morton Street. Now, he has 300 pairs of sneakers by his mother’s estimation and his own line of skatewear, plus a budding rap career.

“Seventh grade going into eighth grade, the back-to-school clothes … that was the step into the game,” he said. “I remember telling some girl ‘I’m about to wear skinny jeans’ — she was like ‘Ew, don’t wear no skinny jeans’ — now her boyfriend probably wears skinny jeans.”

Kirkman, better known by his stage names A$AP Ant and YG Addie, is the only Baltimore native in the A$AP Mob, a rap collective based in Harlem. Additionally, he’s one of the members breaking into the fashion world via his skatewear brand, Marino Infantry.

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