A$AP Twelvyy Interview with Finish Line Blog

admin / 27 Feb, 2019

Ask anyone about something iconic from the ‘90s, and you can bet they have a memory tied to sneakers.

Between styling, directing, and snapping a few photos, A$AP Twelvyy took charge of a recent photo shoot for adidas Yung 96 and Falcon. After, we sat down to get his take on everything from ‘90s style, to his inspiration and love of comics. Here’s what he had to say:

When you first heard about this project what got you excited about it?

What got me excited was the YUNG. Because my name is Noon Yung. Yung 12. And if they on that Yung wave then it’s like 1996. I was like seven years old, you know. Started crossing the street by myself. Started figuring out who I am. And I was young. So Yung ’96—that’s me.

What was everyone’s style like in 1996?

Yo, 1996 was like the first time I feel like we started going futuristic with the style. So you remember, like, people wearing like the crazy futuristic glasses and the neon colors and the bright, puffy jackets and stuff like that? That’s just kind of how ’96 was.

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