A$AP Ant Interview with The Baltimore Times

admin / 06 May, 2019

A$AP Ant (AKA YG Addie) booked his very own show at Milkboy Arthouse in College Park, Maryland, not far from our hometown of Baltimore. As an aspiring artist myself, I leapt at the opportunity to ask him about his upbringing, his musical inspirations and aspirations, and his clothing line, Marino Infantry, which hosts a team of skateboarders that mostly hail from the DMV.

Jourdan Taylor (JT): So, tell us where you grew up? What neighborhoods in Baltimore were you hanging out in?

A$AP Ant (AA): “West Baltimore, for real, like ‘Creek Boyz’ and all that. Randallstown, Woodlawn, Old Court, yeah.”

JT: How old were you when you got your start in music?

AA: “I’ve been in music since out the womb, DJ Nick, my brother, he put me onto like Hot Boyz and Lil Wayne and stuff like that when I was five or six years old. Music’s just part of my family, for real.”

JT: So you grew up around it?

AA: “Yeah, so… and people gotta understand this, like… You notice how everything revolves around rap music nowadays? The way you talk, smell, the clothing, – it’s all black music… and [growing up] hip-hop artists were like superheroes, you know what I mean?… As soon as you were out the womb, and your mother put you in lil’ Jordans, that’s hip-hop.”

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