A$AP Ferg Interview with Billboard

admin / 24 Aug, 2019

“Can you not be so loud?”

The sound of popcorn-chewing is beginning to run its course for A$AP Ferg. The affable MC isn’t one to pick fights, but in this case, during a recent sit-down at the Billboard New York offices, he looks like he’s two seconds away from clotheslining one of his homeboys.

A few seconds later, it’s the crinkling sound of his friend’s popcorn bag that gets his attention, and causes him to halt the Q&A.  “Bro, how about you pour the popcorn onto the table? We’re trying to do an interview. Everybody wants to make noise and shit when you’re trying to be quiet. The fuck.” 

Laughter ensues, and Ferg’s smile quickly eradicates any tension in the room. At 30 years old, Ferg isn’t looking to stir up drama; he simply wants to be fly, handsome and happy. 

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