A$AP Ferg Interview with SSENSE

admin / 13 Oct, 2019

Off came the durag. Then the gray long-sleeve: Barney Rubble from the Flintstones flashing two thumbs up. Sitting facing the bright vanity mirror at Milk Studios in Manhattan, A$AP Ferg was now ready for grooming, wearing a clean white undershirt and Burberry sweatpants.

First, nails. But only a touch-up. The tips of his fingers already looked shiny and trim, as neat as his icepick sideburns and slight mustache. His goatee is eraser-sized (the rectangular kind kept in the pencil box, not the nub attached to the pencil). Nickia, the nail technician, who stood about Ferg’s height, with short hair and a Pittsburgh accent a decade removed from the company of fellow speakers, began with his right hand.

Some shoes caught Ferg’s eye.

“Are those Louboutins?” he asked in the direction of a long corner table where shoes, socks, and accessories waited, laid out like a banquet. The vivid, black-and-white loafers were turned over revealing their red bottoms. “Can we get these for real?” he asked. The answer was, “Of course.”

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